A Fancy Fine Bedroom

duvet_03The home of Ashley Ording has always been of great inspiration to me. Not only is she an amazing fashion stylist – both personally and professionally – she also has an incredible interior design eye. Ryan and I have been doing a spring clean and reorganizing our apartment, so I’ve been spying homes that make my mouth water with interior styling delight. If you are ever in need of colourful and quirky inspiration for your home, Ashley is the girl to look to. While her walls and majority of furniture in her bedroom may be white, the pops of colour paired with interesting furniture and playful decorative pieces make for a clean, aesthetically pleasing home that has a ton of character. You just know when looking at this bedroom that a boring gal liveth not here.

*all photos taken from Ashley’s blog, Fancy Fine.duvet_01duvet_02duvet_08duvet_04duvet_06If you want to see more interiors that have been catching my eye, you can follow me on pinterest.

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