The Gold Hatted Lovers SS ’14

landscape04 (1)While I am freezing my buns off taking outfit pictures for this blog, the southern hemisphere is enjoying warm days and releasing Spring/Summer collections for us in the northern hemisphere to cry over because those warm days are far, far away from us now. I’ve been anticipating the release of The Gold Hatted Lovers first handmade collection, knowing full well that anything couple and designers Katie-Louise Ford and Tim Nicol create together would be amazing. They themselves look like they come straight from eras past, which is almost too cute and perfect to be real, but now they are sharing their love of by-gone eras by releasing a wonderful handmade collection of pieces that echo 1930s leisure wear and teleport you back to a time when you weren’t even alive but wish you damn-well were. The collection is full of frill, glamour and in a sense, simplicity. I love every single piece and the lookbook is so excellent and feels quintessentially 1930s.


Dear Creatures Fall 2014

cd16_zpsa997938bI thought I wouldn’t be excited for Fall to come, really and truly. I actually thought I’d be very, very bummed about it. It has been yet another idyllic Summer that I would be quite happy to have last forever. But then I remembered Fall clothes, and layers, and boots, and hats and a nip in the air (just a nip though), and pumpkin patches, and fallen leaves, and I’m excited (and and and). Maybe change is just always a welcome thing. To stay the same is to reject progress, or something like that. But honestly, for me, this Summer hasn’t been great (except for all the awesome photoshoots I worked on, that was great) I’ve been ill, several times, and then my dog passed away suddenly, and then it was one thing after another. My body and mind are both tired at this point. So I can’t wait for a change – a change in season, a change is pace, a change in my outlook. I have some pretty big life changes coming up (moving!), and planned for myself (stay tuned!). So I feel like there are things to look forward to. The cold weather doesn’t always need to be a bad thing. The plants are dying, yes, the sun will hide it’s bright, beautiful face for a lot more hours of the day, yes, but that doesn’t mean we need to make like nature.

Anyways, Dear Creatures Fall 2014 campaign got me excited about Fall, and the changing of seasons. They have always been one of my favorite brands, and this collection is no exception. I’m particularly loving their caramel colored fuzzy sweaters that would be absolutely perfect for cool walks in the park, and well, anything Fall-oriented.

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Autumn14THE WHITEPEPPER is one of my favourite brands. Their penchant for creating fun, youthful pieces has consistently been something that speaks to me. The A/W ’14 lookbook brings to mind “exhausted mom”, probably because of the shots of the model serving up white bread, weighing out baking ingredients, serving spaghetti with a sullen look. Its like if an angsty teenager were to become a mother, but way more comical than the real life thing. Now the clothes! I am over the moon for the egg print. I am seeing a lot of novelty print lately, but I don’t think I have seen this yet and I like it. The corduroy dungaree dress is quite possibly my favourite, and is a perfect example of the sort of thing I would like to be wearing this Fall (it scares me that I’m talking about what I’d like to wear in the Fall). We all know I’m a fan of oxford shirts, or well, anything button up really, so I’m especially loving this crisp, simple oxford shirt with one wonderful detail…embroidered beans!! And of course, we can’t talk about the WP without mentioning their signature loose-fitting babydoll dresses. It seems they always come back with some version of that dress, which I think is great, because you could own one with a different print/detail for every day of the week, like some sort of sassy cartoon character that never seems to change clothes and we don’t ever question it. I haven’t been that excited by clothes in a long while, to be perfectly honest. It’s the same thing over and over lately – minimalist, neutrals, shapeless, boring (in my opinion) I hate to say it, but curse you ‘normcore’ – This WP collection made me genuinely excited about clothes again. So thanks The WP, you’re the best.


Larkspur Summer 2014

photo (13)And it’s finally here, Larkspur Summer 2014 lookbook! I know, I know, summer is basically well and over now…almost. What took me so long? Well a ton of things really. But the nice thing about running a vintage shop is you can pretty well do whatever you damn like. There are no rules in my opinion (right?!). So here we are. I hope you enjoy! All items in the lookbook will be available in the shop by the end of the week. So keep a lookout (although I’m sure i’ll let you know).

Photography: Gerald Larocque
Styling: Alexandra Spence – yours truly
MUA & hair: Lisa Arsenault of Pinch Cosmetics
Models: Alexandra Spence and Marta Andrzejewska