Miss Crofton 2016

Miss Crofton 2016Ooo Baby Baby

Miss Crofton has remained my favourite lingerie and underwear brand for a long time now (and since TLO is no more, it definitely holds first place).They consistently come out with pieces that are feminine, sexy and wearable…wearable being the keyword there. It’s all too often you find pieces that are interesting and sexy, but surely not something you can wear outside of the bedroom. I have a hard time finding reason to spend money on something that rarely gets worn because it’s intended for a specific occasion, so I like the idea of a brand that strives for both comfort and sexiness, and can be worn at any time – star of the show or hidden beneath your clothes.


This collection may be my favourite yet, although, I have been known to say that with many of my favourite labels season after season. Aside from wanting to own each piece (I really do!), the lookbook is the best yet, imo. It’s clearly inspired by Pantone Colour of the Year and the clean, pastel aesthetic of the internet world, which, if I’m being honest (and a little sassy) is becoming a bit “ya, we get it.”, but still undeniably visually appealing, so I shall remain a fan.

Have you heard of Miss Crofton? What’s your favourite piece? Not really your style? Let me know in the comments below.
Miss Crofton 2016Miss Crofton 2016Miss Crofton 2016Miss Crofton 2016CEdoDAjMiss Crofton 2016Miss Crofton 2016Miss Crofton 2016Miss Crofton 2016Miss Crofton 2016Miss Crofton 2016Miss Crofton 2016Photography: Francesca Jane Allen
Model: Claire Margueritte
Set Design: Dora Miller

Into It, Intimates / Miss Crofton ’14 collection

Mermaid_bra_back_WEB_So I realize it was just last week that I shared Miss Crofton intimates, but only a few days after doing so they released a new collection and I liked it so much I figured I may as well share it while it’s fresh and new. I think what I love about Miss Crofton is the simplicity and wear ability of each piece, while never compromising the adorable and fun details, which in my opinion, makes this brand stand out from so many others. Most, if not all of these pieces could actually be worn comfortably under clothes, which I very much appreciate. Don’t get me wrong, I am the first to purchase items that I can’t really wear on a regular basis and are in no way practical, solely based on the fact that it’s special and I must have it, just to own it. But there is something to be said about pieces that are special in design and fabrics, as well as being a reasonable option for comfort and practicality when we aren’t trying to please anyone but ourselves. My favourites are the “Tara” black lace bra, “Velveteen” black floral lace bra, “Zelda” navy jersey set and “Mermaid” high waisted knickers …so like everything, basically.

Check out the whole collection and dreamy lookbook here.

Into It, Intimates / Miss Crofton

2h7eyo3I’m always on the lookout for vintage-inspired intimates, and bookmarking garments I know I would like to own once I feel like I have the extra money to spend on pieces that are a little more expensive than your average big store brands/companies. The smaller brands feel like they keep the customer in mind and create pieces that are special and for all types of women, either for everyday use, or that special occasion, and Miss Crofton does just that. Drawing inspiration from a variety of sources, from playful seaside imagery and vintage florals, to the 1950’s silhouette. The high quality pieces are entirely hand made and are either part of a limited edition run, or a one off design.” I found Miss Crofton through instagram (thnx insta) and immediately went to the website to see what they are all about. I knew right away it would be a brand I’d like and keep in mind. While we generally have our bras and panties hidden from the world, it’s nice to have something special that is just for you and makes you feel like shaking your lil butt (or full butt, for you lucky curvy women). Each of these pieces has a fun summery feel, and I’m especially enamoured with the “Lovely Lace” white lace set with the high waisted knickers (obviously). Pop by their online shop today, I promise you and your lady bits will not be disappointed.

*since I love lingerie/intimates so much, I’m going to be starting a new weekly series sharing the different brands I have come across. I hope you like it!

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