Into It, Intimates / Miss Crofton ’14 collection

Mermaid_bra_back_WEB_So I realize it was just last week that I shared Miss Crofton intimates, but only a few days after doing so they released a new collection and I liked it so much I figured I may as well share it while it’s fresh and new. I think what I love about Miss Crofton is the simplicity and wear ability of each piece, while never compromising the adorable and fun details, which in my opinion, makes this brand stand out from so many others. Most, if not all of these pieces could actually be worn comfortably under clothes, which I very much appreciate. Don’t get me wrong, I am the first to purchase items that I can’t really wear on a regular basis and are in no way practical, solely based on the fact that it’s special and I must have it, just to own it. But there is something to be said about pieces that are special in design and fabrics, as well as being a reasonable option for comfort and practicality when we aren’t trying to please anyone but ourselves. My favourites are the “Tara” black lace bra, “Velveteen” black floral lace bra, “Zelda” navy jersey set and “Mermaid” high waisted knickers …so like everything, basically.

Check out the whole collection and dreamy lookbook here.

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