Natalie Joos & Kipling

KiplingLB_98_low_res-568x853I had never really paid attention to Kipling until one of my favourite bloggers and stylists, Natalie Joos, collaborated with them awhile back to design her own collection of bags. This here is their newest collection styled by her, and I am so in love. If you follow Natalie’s blog then you already know her love of vintage, and her incomparable ability to style outfits in the most interesting of ways. Sometimes her fashion choices and styling are a bit too “fashion” for me (if you get what i mean…), but just because I wouldn’t necessarily wear it myself, does not mean I don’t appreciate her talent. Maybe it’s just too far above my head, so high-fashion that it makes no sense to me. But I love the styling in this lookbook and it resonates with me. To be honest, I hardly even look at the bags because the clothing is what stands out most (uh oh, probably not what they were going for). It’s quite obviously inspired by 60s fashion but has this odd futuristic vibe to it. Natalie has this amazing way of making things look futuristic while also seeming retro, and it’s kind of perfect. Future Retro, that should be a thing.

Photography: Asha Fuller
Models: Anna at One Management & Elen Santiago at Major
Stylist: Natalie Joos
Styling Assistant: Emily Mazur


Gu Dong Yi


When I saw these images circulating the internet last week I was particularly delighted. It was so refreshing to see a shoot styled entirely with vintage pieces, in a way that I myself don’t think I would have the courage to do. Mixing like two patterns scares me, let alone several. But everything feels so right. The mix and match styling of the whole shoot has a playing-dress-up feel. And model Xiao Wen has such a young, fresh(drop dead gorgeous) face it really brings everything together. Don’t get me wrong, there is a sense of sophistication here, but there is a definite innocent and light-hearted feel to the whole.

The shoot brings me back to my childhood of rummaging through my closet putting on any and all of my favorite things – Elmo t-shirt, tiered ruffly skirt, mismatched socks and my trusty wooden spoon used as a microphone to perform Madonna songs for my family.









Styling: Natalie Joos
Photos: Elina Simonen
Make-up: Rie Tsukui

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