Gu Dong Yi


When I saw these images circulating the internet last week I was particularly delighted. It was so refreshing to see a shoot styled entirely with vintage pieces, in a way that I myself don’t think I would have the courage to do. Mixing like two patterns scares me, let alone several. But everything feels so right. The mix and match styling of the whole shoot has a playing-dress-up feel. And model Xiao Wen has such a young, fresh(drop dead gorgeous) face it really brings everything together. Don’t get me wrong, there is a sense of sophistication here, but there is a definite innocent and light-hearted feel to the whole.

The shoot brings me back to my childhood of rummaging through my closet putting on any and all of my favorite things – Elmo t-shirt, tiered ruffly skirt, mismatched socks and my trusty wooden spoon used as a microphone to perform Madonna songs for my family.









Styling: Natalie Joos
Photos: Elina Simonen
Make-up: Rie Tsukui

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