2014 Outfit Recap / July-Dec

As promised, here is part two of my outfit recap for 2014. I didn’t use my film camera near as much as I would have liked this year, so that will have to be something that I work on for this coming year. I’m hoping to save up to get a film camera with a self-timer since my pentax does not have that function and thus I always need someone to help if ever I want to photograph myself with it (and we all know how much I prefer to have full control of everything). While I love sharing my outfits with you guys, the feel of the photographs are just as important to me as the actual outfit itself, so I hope to implement a lot more analog photographs for you that are both creative and showcase my style.

Happy New Years Eve, dear friends! Have a safe and lovely one!

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Natural State

011_15Here are a few images I finally got developed from the Summer, when Ryan and I were camping in Bruce Peninsula National Park. These photos were taken at Horse Lake, which we had all to ourselves while shooting. I kind of wish I had brought more film with me – like I had in previous years while camping – but to be honest, the trip was more about relaxing, being with nature and each other, and sometimes it’s nice to just ignore your camera and not have any expectations for yourself.

I kind of like how rough these turned out – rough in the way that my hair is sort-of messy, and my makeup is barely there, and you can really notice my very questionable posture for a dancer. I like how film feels imperfect, and real, and that I, just like film, am imperfect, and real. There is something so liberating about not be able to check yourself in the mirror before shooting. I mean, when I shoot for this blog, I don’t bring a mirror with me to the location (I’m just too lazy to care about something like that), but before I leave the house, without a doubt, I have made sure I look okay. And with technology aka DSLRs, you can see what you look like immediately after taking a photo, which really acts as a mirror. With my Pentax, this is not possible, and being in the woods, the only mirror you may have brought with you is your tiny compact, and that’s in the car, far from where you are. Unlike DSLRs, I can’t see what every image looks like and fine tune the things I do not like for the next few snaps I take. There is no immediate editing, and no way to erase the image once the shutter has closed.

*photos by Ryan, taken with Pentax K1000









001_5Dress: vintage

All Hallows’ Eve

015_19Happy Halloween dear friends! I had some left over exposures on a roll of film in my Pentax back from the summer and thought it was due time I do a little shoot to finish off the roll. I had never shot in the dark, so Ryan and I were just kind of crossing our fingers hoping these would turn out. But that’s what I love about analog. Experimentation and not really knowing the outcome is all part of the fun with film.

I thought I’d go in a bit of a different direction with a Halloween post. Unfortunately, I don’t have a Halloween costume planned for today – I’ll likely throw something together last minute if we end up going out – so I couldn’t really do your standard Halloween costume photo shoot. I did however have this cape on hand, and this velvet dress that was dying to be worn, so I thought I’d just be a spooky little red riding hood/vampire/witch/scared/i dunno girl in the woods. Well, whatever I was, I think I succeeded with a bit of spooky vibes. I hope you enjoy!

All you gals and ghouls better have a terrorific Halloween.

*photos by Ryan





018_23Dress: vintage via Public Butter
Cape: thrifted
Shoes: Sylvie and Shimmy

Belle Vie / 03

DSC_1946DSC_1884DSC_1909DSC_1892DSC_1911DSC_1903DSC_1925DSC_19530000220000231. Ryan & Gus – these two together melt my heart.
2. This summer I want to improve my green thumb so that I can have more than just fake flowers in the house.
3. Lola – I miss the days when she and Gus were best pals, before they got sisters.
4. However, Frankie is one of the most hilarious dogs, and she currently looks like a fluffy teddy bear.
5. Toronto isn’t the best about preserving it’s history, but sometimes you’ll look to the tops of buildings and see what once was.
6. Meaghan – We went for a walk to get coffee on a day that felt especially like Spring. I’m looking forward to days spent outdoors with this girl.
7. The Dollar Store sometimes feeds my candle obsession when I am too busy poor to get the good stuff.
8. This guys gets away with murder. He stole a loaf of bread off the table yesterday – I’m getting better at letting him know I’m not pleased, but a part of me has trouble ever being really upset with him.
9. Upjeet – My oldest and dearest friend just let me know he will be moving to Toronto come September with his better half. I couldn’t possibly be more excited. We haven’t lived in the same city in 7 years.
10. Cleo & Maya – I miss these two a lot…mostly Cleo. But, don’t feel bad for Maya, she is indifferent towards me. The only person she has a connection with is my father.

Belle Vie / 01

000013 I’m starting a new weekly (hopefully) series, of photographs I’ve taken with my film and digital cameras of my sort-of everyday life. The intent is to get my camera out more often, work on my own skills, and as I had mentioned in a previous post, have more authentic, original work being shared in this space. This week is mostly portraits of people (and dogs) I deeply cherish, which wasn’t really on purpose, but I like it. Of course it’s not everyone that has a huge place in my heart, but at this point, these are the people (and animals) I see most. With winter hopefully coming to a close, I’m hoping to have an abundance of things to share in this series, since at this point, I don’t leave home much.


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