Belle Vie / 03

DSC_1946DSC_1884DSC_1909DSC_1892DSC_1911DSC_1903DSC_1925DSC_19530000220000231. Ryan & Gus – these two together melt my heart.
2. This summer I want to improve my green thumb so that I can have more than just fake flowers in the house.
3. Lola – I miss the days when she and Gus were best pals, before they got sisters.
4. However, Frankie is one of the most hilarious dogs, and she currently looks like a fluffy teddy bear.
5. Toronto isn’t the best about preserving it’s history, but sometimes you’ll look to the tops of buildings and see what once was.
6. Meaghan – We went for a walk to get coffee on a day that felt especially like Spring. I’m looking forward to days spent outdoors with this girl.
7. The Dollar Store sometimes feeds my candle obsession when I am too busy poor to get the good stuff.
8. This guys gets away with murder. He stole a loaf of bread off the table yesterday – I’m getting better at letting him know I’m not pleased, but a part of me has trouble ever being really upset with him.
9. Upjeet – My oldest and dearest friend just let me know he will be moving to Toronto come September with his better half. I couldn’t possibly be more excited. We haven’t lived in the same city in 7 years.
10. Cleo & Maya – I miss these two a lot…mostly Cleo. But, don’t feel bad for Maya, she is indifferent towards me. The only person she has a connection with is my father.

One thought on “Belle Vie / 03

  1. Nicole says:

    You have the cutest pups! And I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Dachshund so fluffy :’)
    Also, I would like to quickly let you know that I nominated your blog for a Liebster Blog Award! ♥


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