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OKAY ANDIE | Body & MindOKAY ANDIE | Body & MindI’m going to put this out there…

I’ve been struggling with my body a lot lately. I’ve been far less active in the last year or so than I have ever been in my life, and I am slowly watching my body change. In a way I imagine only I really notice, but at the end of the day how we feel about ourselves is all that matters. Being a dancer for all of my life, dancing at least 3-4 times a week, sometimes up to everyday of the week, I never had to think about working out or staying fit; the thing I was most passionate about was already keeping my body toned and healthy. But I haven’t been dancing that much recently. To be honest, not at all until about a month ago. It all makes sense…continue to eat the way you always do, which is to say, eating whatever I want, and then not being physically active at all…it’s obvious your body will start to change. My thighs have grown, along with my butt, my abs aren’t as defined anymore, my arms don’t look as toned…I just look in the mirror and don’t recognize myself. So, okay, I’ve spent a “good” amount of time feeling bad about it, but feeling bad isn’t going to change anything. My goal is to get active again. Awhile ago I tried going to the gym and surprisingly I really enjoyed it, like really really enjoyed it. But then winter rolled around, the gym isn’t all that close to my home, I got lazy and stopped going. But something in me is pushing me to start again, to do more things that will not only make me recognize myself again, but to also help with my anxiety. Physical activity has always helped me feel better when I feel absolutely shaken (literally) by anxiety. Realistically I think I could get to the gym 3-4 times a week. My work now allows for me to make my own schedule, so starting my day with the gym is totally reasonable and honestly seems like a lovely way to start my day. That combined with biking, I think I could get back to a place where I feel physically and mentally stronger.

So there it is, out there in the world. I’m hoping by putting this in writing I will make an honest change, and maybe help you to feel more positive about things, whatever that thing may be. Goodness knows I can be a negative nancy, and while that’s something about me I don’t necessarily hate (i think it keeps me in check), I feel like giving myself a little bit of hope and self-care could go a long way.

Denim jacket: vintage Wrangler (similar) | Overalls: vintage Guess (similar) | Shirt: Banana Republic (similar) | Shoes: Dr. Martens | Purse: CS | Belt: vintage
OKAY ANDIE | Body & MindOKAY ANDIE | Body & MindOKAY ANDIE | Body & MindOKAY ANDIE | Body & MindOKAY ANDIE | Body & MindOKAY ANDIE | Body & Mind


OKAY ANDIE | Handy(wo)manOKAY ANDIE | Handy(wo)manLET’S TALK STYLE

Most of my inspiration for dressing comes from the internet. That’s probably why I love blogging and sharing on instagram so much; putting my ideas out there and viewing other peoples ideas and constantly having a cycle of inspiration to draw from. And then every once in awhile I get inspiration from a totally random place, that seemingly appeared from nowhere. Continue reading

A House Is A Home

DSC_0860Our bedroom was the first room that really came together after the move. It’s not a very large bedroom, so really, deciding what and where furniture went was not a difficult task. Save for some picture frames that still need to find their rightful place on the wall (you don’t know how many times I move picture frames around until they find their desired spot…it’s embarrassing), and a couple things we need to finish off the room, it’s pretty well done. I had this dream of having a lot of white furniture and white walls (okay, we have the white walls), very bright, with colourful accents here and there – maybe a bright colored arm chair, a patterned rug – but alas, most of the furniture we own is wood, which to be honest, is very nice – we have some beautiful antique pieces (my dresser for one) – but obviously what I envisioned is not possible, for now. If doll hairs grew on trees, maybe then would my dreams come to fruition sooner than later. All In due time.

How rad is this dress by the way!? My internet pal, Ashley of Milk Teeths, posted it to her shop instagram, and my eyeballs immediately burst with love, and then after the love at first sight settled, I had a moment of panic, like, what if someone buys this before me? And then it was like daggers bursting out of my eyes. Anyways, seeing as how I had such a strong reaction to this dress, I knew I had to buy it, and so I did, and here we are. If you guys haven’t check out Ashley’s blog and shop (I’m sure you have), I urge you to do so. She’s such a charmingly funny, rad and beautiful gal, with an amazing eye for vintage clothes and housewares.

I hope you all had a great weekend, mine was pretty fun.






DSC_0824(oh hi Gus, thanks for joining us)


DSC_0870 Dress: vintage via Milk Teeths

A clothes mind

DSC_2925I had quite a busy day yesterday. I was styling and modelling for an editorial (i’ll tell you more about that later) which kept me from updating the blog yesterday with my usual outfit post, but here I am today, so all is well. The weekend was busy and lovely and lazy all at once, which is just the way I like it. I took these images on a day that was confusing as ever – the weather could not decide what it wanted to be. One minute it was sunny, the next sprinkling light rain showers, back to sunny, and then eventually became a downpour and I had to cut my shoot short. However, it made for interesting lighting and clouds, so I’m okay with it. I kept my outfit simple this day. Sometimes it’s nice to just throw on a dress and go. I’ve had this one for ages, and what I love most about it is the shift shape, 3/4 length sleeves and high collar so I can wear collared shirts underneath. It almost seems like a new dress every time I wear a different collar with it, and makes me feel very 60s, which is probably my favourite era, next to Edwardian, of course.

I feel I have not written anything of much significance lately. I sometimes hate just talking about clothes and why I love them so much. It makes me feel a bit shallow and vapid, which I know is not the case…you can love clothes dearly and want to talk about that love on a regular basis, while also being an intelligent person. And truthfully, clothing and dressing myself does feel like art to me, which is the very reason I love it so much. But I think sometimes discussing why an article of clothing is good just takes away from it and dumbs it down to nothing. What clothes are to you is what you do with them – how it creates you, and makes you feel. I’d much rather have my clothing and style speak for itself than to explain in the simplest terms why I like something. But to each their own. I’m always happy to read blogs that do just that. It’s just a personal thing really. I guess It’s my introverted, introspective side that never really wants to speak or write unless I have something meaningful to say. I’m not saying i’ll never discuss the clothes I wear in this space. I’ll always give you a little bit of both. My thoughts and my style are obviously huge parts of me that go hand in hand, and I love to share those parts of me in whatever way I can.

I hope everyone who had a long weekend enjoyed it thoroughly. I’m sick in bed today in a tremendous amount of pain, but hopefully will be back to the grind tomorrow.






DSC_2946Dress & socks: H&M
Button up: thrifted vintage
Shoes: Seychelles