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OKAY ANDIE | Body & MindOKAY ANDIE | Body & MindI’m going to put this out there…

I’ve been struggling with my body a lot lately. I’ve been far less active in the last year or so than I have ever been in my life, and I am slowly watching my body change. In a way I imagine only I really notice, but at the end of the day how we feel about ourselves is all that matters. Being a dancer for all of my life, dancing at least 3-4 times a week, sometimes up to everyday of the week, I never had to think about working out or staying fit; the thing I was most passionate about was already keeping my body toned and healthy. But I haven’t been dancing that much recently. To be honest, not at all until about a month ago. It all makes sense…continue to eat the way you always do, which is to say, eating whatever I want, and then not being physically active at all…it’s obvious your body will start to change. My thighs have grown, along with my butt, my abs aren’t as defined anymore, my arms don’t look as toned…I just look in the mirror and don’t recognize myself. So, okay, I’ve spent a “good” amount of time feeling bad about it, but feeling bad isn’t going to change anything. My goal is to get active again. Awhile ago I tried going to the gym and surprisingly I really enjoyed it, like really really enjoyed it. But then winter rolled around, the gym isn’t all that close to my home, I got lazy and stopped going. But something in me is pushing me to start again, to do more things that will not only make me recognize myself again, but to also help with my anxiety. Physical activity has always helped me feel better when I feel absolutely shaken (literally) by anxiety. Realistically I think I could get to the gym 3-4 times a week. My work now allows for me to make my own schedule, so starting my day with the gym is totally reasonable and honestly seems like a lovely way to start my day. That combined with biking, I think I could get back to a place where I feel physically and mentally stronger.

So there it is, out there in the world. I’m hoping by putting this in writing I will make an honest change, and maybe help you to feel more positive about things, whatever that thing may be. Goodness knows I can be a negative nancy, and while that’s something about me I don’t necessarily hate (i think it keeps me in check), I feel like giving myself a little bit of hope and self-care could go a long way.

Denim jacket: vintage Wrangler (similar) | Overalls: vintage Guess (similar) | Shirt: Banana Republic (similar) | Shoes: Dr. Martens | Purse: CS | Belt: vintage
OKAY ANDIE | Body & MindOKAY ANDIE | Body & MindOKAY ANDIE | Body & MindOKAY ANDIE | Body & MindOKAY ANDIE | Body & MindOKAY ANDIE | Body & Mind

8 thoughts on “Body & Mind

  1. delightfuldaysblog says:

    I have also especially been feeling this way often lately. It really is a bummer when you look in the mirror and feel like you don’t even recognize yourself any more. Thanks so much for sharing! It’s so nice to relate to someone else feeling the same way. Ps. love this outfit! I’m definitely going to try and recreate it


  2. amanda_dotdotdot says:

    It’s SO important to feel comfortable in one’s own skin. Well done in putting your feelings and thoughts out there. Good luck with your fitness goals! Putting your goal out there really gets ya moving, amiright?
    Amanda 🌱


  3. Bivisyani Q. (@alivegurl) says:

    Umm…I don’t know if you’ve mentioned this before, but why did you stop dancing? Granted, it’s only been a month so you’re probably a bit of time off. But it sounds like something you love doing, so why don’t you just do it again? I mean, I know you like the gym thing, but if you prefer dancing, you can probably do it at home (?)

    As someone who’s SO lazy when it comes to working out, I absolutely get what you’re going through—well, at least the whole body expanding part. I used to try pilates and just regular sit ups, but I always end up being far too lazy for those. And then I remember that I LOVE swimming and I’m trying to do that more often now. I think with exercise, it’s important to do something you’d enjoy/love, you know.

    Can you send a bit of your negativity/concern my way? I’m a bit too positive about my body, waving away the thoughts off gaining weight and keep on munching on those chips. I could use a little bit of self-consciousness :’)

    Alive as Always


  4. Mackenzie says:

    Are you me? I totally feel you on not being as active lately. I got in a car accident, then started a new job and haven’t been able to find the time to make it back to the gym since then.

    Its so hard to watch your body change in to something it has never been, or hasn’t been in a long time. For me, I spent years fighting my body, and to watch it “degrade” in to what I was fighting for so long, is so mentally taxing.

    That is awesome that you get to make your own schedule, and can work the gym in though. Its really amazing how much working out regularly can be just as good for your mind, as it can for your body.



  5. jennifer says:

    I feel you, I’ve totally been there as well! Not feeling comfortable in your own skin is definitely tough:/ But way to go for taking the initiative to set some great goals for yourself! Remember to give yourself some grace along the way, too (which I know is WAY easier said then done, but it’s so important!)

    Also I super love your outfit here, def saving this look for future outfit inspiration 👍


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