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Most of my inspiration for dressing comes from the internet. That’s probably why I love blogging and sharing on instagram so much; putting my ideas out there and viewing other peoples ideas and constantly having a cycle of inspiration to draw from. And then every once in awhile I get inspiration from a totally random place, that seemingly appeared from nowhere. Continue reading


Beauty: How-To Trim Your Own Fringe

OKAY ANDIE | How-To Trim Your Own Fringewith a twist!

It’s about damn time I share this tutorial. I have been trimming my own fringe for about a decade now, pretty much ever since I left home and no longer had my mother to trim them for me (lol). Over the years I have become more and more self-assured when it comes to trimming my fringe, and in the more recent years have discovered the easiest and fastest way to get the job done. Trimming your own fringe, not to mention your own hair, can seem a little bit nerve wracking, but I promise this technique is pretty much fool proof, and as long as you take your time and just relax, I am 100% certain you can do it yourself as well. Here we go, my little trimmers.

OKAY ANDIE | How-To Trim Your Own Fringe1. Section it; for those who already have a fringe, just pull your fringe forward creating a diamond or (Glenn Danzig) shape over your face. If you don’t have a fringe, part your hair in an upside down v shape (^), pulling forward the amount of hair you would like in your fringe.

OKAY ANDIE | How-To Trim Your Own Fringe2. Twist it; taking the ends of your fringe, twist your hair a half twist (to the left or right, doesn’t matter) and hold it there.

OKAY ANDIE | How-To Trim Your Own Fringe3. Cut it; with your free hand, place your fore and middle finger where you would like your fringe length to be and using proper hair cutting scissors (which I haven’t always done, and tbh, didn’t notice a difference, but I’m sure a professional would cringe at that ) and cut below your fingers. Tip – It’s always best to cut a bit less off of your fringe to start with, you can always cut more, you def can’t add back on.

OKAY ANDIE | How-To Trim Your Own Fringe4. Tidy it; for the most part your fringe should be pretty close to the shape and look you want, – it won’t look perfect just yet, but it’s definitely something you can easily work with – from here you will even it out and trim any stray pieces.

A Perfect Match

Larkspur Vintage | A Perfect MatchLarkspur Vintage | A Perfect Matchin miss patina

I’ve avoided midi length anything for what feels like ages. I used to absolutely love midi skirts and dresses (any of you that have followed me since the start know this), but at some point minis called to me more and then any time I tried something longer I didn’t like how it looked. So when I decided on this dress I wasn’t really sure how I would feel in it. Aesthetically, and in theory, it’s everything I like in a dress – 70s inspired, a beautiful colour with a fun (matchstick) print, high gathered neckline, pleated voile sleeve cuffs and a flowing skirt – but while it may sound appealing, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will actually be something I am happy and comfortable in. However, I took a chance on it for whatever reason (well actually, for the reasons I listed above) and after twirling about in this fluttery number, I am absolutely sold.


Sometimes shooting can be aggravating and I walk away dissatisfied. Other times it feels fresh and inspired and I walk away feeling like I made something I am proud of. For this set it was the latter. Naturally I can thank myself for that, but I think it’s also due in part to the dress. Clothes often have this magical way of bringing a part of yourself to the surface that sometimes feels tucked away.

Dress c/o Miss Patina | Hat & Belt: vintage | Boots: Zara via CS
Larkspur Vintage | A Perfect MatchLarkspur Vintage | A Perfect MatchLarkspur Vintage | A Perfect MatchLarkspur Vintage | A Perfect MatchLarkspur Vintage | A Perfect MatchLarkspur Vintage | A Perfect MatchLarkspur Vintage | A Perfect MatchLarkspur Vintage | A Perfect Match

One Woman’s Trash…

Larkspur Vintage | One Woman's TrashLarkspur Vintage | One Woman's TrashBaby’s first denim jacket!

One of the things I love about my day job as a second-hand clothing buyer is having amazing – sometimes one of a kind – clothes fall into my lap, figuratively and quite literally. Take for example this vintage Wrangler denim jacket and page boy hat; two pieces I knew I would like in my closet after seeing others wear similar ones, but pieces I would likely never actively seek out on my own. Thing is, neither of these things are essentials (is anything other than one of something ever essential though?), so they become something left to fate…if I happen upon it one day, certainly I’ll purchase it (as long as it’s not too expensive), but if I don’t, that’s okay.  However, I am damn pleased these two came into my life, especially this denim jacket. I love this jacket! Love it. To be honest, I’ve never even owned a denim jacket. I’ve tried on my fair share of them in my life, but I never truly fancied any…until this one. The second I saw this one, before even trying it on, I knew it was what I had been holding out for – the indigo colour, the 70s cut (to the best of my knowledge it is from the 70s), the slightly worn, however sturdy denim…it’s just the best. I hope to be able to carry it with me throughout my life, so it kind of baffles my mind that someone decided to give it away. But as they say…one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure and whatnot.

Jacket: vintage Wrangler (similar) | Top: H&M | Skirt: BDG | Shoes: Nine West | Hat: vintage
Larkspur Vintage | One Woman's TrashLarkspur Vintage | One Woman's TrashLarkspur Vintage | One Woman's TrashLarkspur Vintage | One Woman's TrashLarkspur Vintage | One Woman's TrashLarkspur Vintage | One Woman's TrashLarkspur Vintage | One Woman's TrashLarkspur Vintage | One Woman's TrashLarkspur Vintage | One Woman's Trash

Kiss Me I’m Irish

DSC_0593I feel incredibly Irish while wearing this dress – green dress, red hair. I do have Irish in my blood, so it’s not totally off point that I’d feel Irish at times, especially in green. I’m not sure where I heard this – but I’m sure you have to – that redheads look best in green. I guess its the colour that compliments red hair most. I tend not to follow things like that. I don’t care much what looks best with my hair, I just wear what I like and ignore any rules. I picked this dress out from eShakti, and I only chose it because I liked the style, but once I put it on I really liked the way it made my hair pop. When eShakti contacted me to pick a garment from their website I was pretty excited. This company is great because they offer sizes 0-36W and custom clothing. Everyone’s body types are different, and it seems a bit insane to me that there are universal sizes that you must choose from or you’re out of luck. With eShakti you can pick the garment you like and customize the fit to your exact measurements. And on top that you are able to make changes to the garment. Want short sleeves? They can do that! You like midi length best? They can do that too. It’s a great idea and I wish more online shops would follow this system (it’s so hard to get a correct fit with online shopping! Am I right guys!?). With this dress I got 3/4 length sleeves because I thought it would be an excellent dress for the colder months, and I had it shortened because I’m going through a short dress/skirt phase right now.

If you are interested, you should definitely check them out. They carry a lot of retro and modern styles. I already have my eye on a few more things I’d love to add to my closet.
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DSC_0607 Dress c/o eShakti
Tights: UO
Shoes: Seychelles