Kiss Me I’m Irish

DSC_0593I feel incredibly Irish while wearing this dress – green dress, red hair. I do have Irish in my blood, so it’s not totally off point that I’d feel Irish at times, especially in green. I’m not sure where I heard this – but I’m sure you have to – that redheads look best in green. I guess its the colour that compliments red hair most. I tend not to follow things like that. I don’t care much what looks best with my hair, I just wear what I like and ignore any rules. I picked this dress out from eShakti, and I only chose it because I liked the style, but once I put it on I really liked the way it made my hair pop. When eShakti contacted me to pick a garment from their website I was pretty excited. This company is great because they offer sizes 0-36W and custom clothing. Everyone’s body types are different, and it seems a bit insane to me that there are universal sizes that you must choose from or you’re out of luck. With eShakti you can pick the garment you like and customize the fit to your exact measurements. And on top that you are able to make changes to the garment. Want short sleeves? They can do that! You like midi length best? They can do that too. It’s a great idea and I wish more online shops would follow this system (it’s so hard to get a correct fit with online shopping! Am I right guys!?). With this dress I got 3/4 length sleeves because I thought it would be an excellent dress for the colder months, and I had it shortened because I’m going through a short dress/skirt phase right now.

If you are interested, you should definitely check them out. They carry a lot of retro and modern styles. I already have my eye on a few more things I’d love to add to my closet.
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*this is a sponsored post, but all thoughts are that of my own.









DSC_0607 Dress c/o eShakti
Tights: UO
Shoes: Seychelles


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