Beauty / Roller Lash by Benefit

Larkspur Vintage | Roller Lash ReviewI recently picked up Roller Lash by Benefit to find out what all the hype was about. To be honest, I never really considered that different mascaras would bring about different outcomes. In my mind, a mascara is a mascara; it makes your eyelashes more pronounced, and that’s pretty much it. But after trying L’Oreal Telescopic Shocking Extensions mascara (which I reviewed here), I quickly realized that a truly good mascara has a truly wonderful outcome and can significantly enhance the lashes you have.

I’m pretty certain that Roller Lash is my new favourite mascara (amen), and I can’t see myself wanting to pick up anything else from here on out (I sound like an ad! I’m not though!). The packaging is absolutely darling, which I love – maybe that’s superficial, but good packaging/branding goes a long way. It has a very retro vibe, which makes sense since the whole idea of roller lash is that the brush is like a roller (like for your hair), but for your lashes. But the most important thing of all, it actually does what it claims to do, and quite obviously. Their brush is designed so that it hooks to catch every lash, which helps with lengthening, and it’s curved shape helps to curl your wee lashes. I was so pleasantly surprised when I first tried it. It really did curl my lashes quite significantly (although, that’s a double edged sword, because then it sometimes gets on your lids) and then lengthens, which I could actually see happening as I was applying it. It probably got me far more excited than it should have, although maybe not, because I am really not that easily impressed.

I would definitely recommend this mascara to anyone who is looking for something new. It is a little pricey however, at least in my opinion, but the tube is quite hefty, so I figure it will last for a good amount of time and hopefully be well worth the price in the end.

What do you guys thinking of Roller Lash? Have you tried it already? Going to give it a go? I’d love to know in the comments.
Larkspur Vintage | Roller Lash ReviewLarkspur Vintage | Roller Lash Review

Natalie Joos & Kipling

KiplingLB_98_low_res-568x853I had never really paid attention to Kipling until one of my favourite bloggers and stylists, Natalie Joos, collaborated with them awhile back to design her own collection of bags. This here is their newest collection styled by her, and I am so in love. If you follow Natalie’s blog then you already know her love of vintage, and her incomparable ability to style outfits in the most interesting of ways. Sometimes her fashion choices and styling are a bit too “fashion” for me (if you get what i mean…), but just because I wouldn’t necessarily wear it myself, does not mean I don’t appreciate her talent. Maybe it’s just too far above my head, so high-fashion that it makes no sense to me. But I love the styling in this lookbook and it resonates with me. To be honest, I hardly even look at the bags because the clothing is what stands out most (uh oh, probably not what they were going for). It’s quite obviously inspired by 60s fashion but has this odd futuristic vibe to it. Natalie has this amazing way of making things look futuristic while also seeming retro, and it’s kind of perfect. Future Retro, that should be a thing.

Photography: Asha Fuller
Models: Anna at One Management & Elen Santiago at Major
Stylist: Natalie Joos
Styling Assistant: Emily Mazur


Into It, Intimates / Ohhh Lulu

il_fullxfull.652320410_3q80I think if I were to deem one lingerie brand “darling”, Ohhh Lulu would be it. Based out of Orillia, ON (Ontario represent!) Sarah’s designs are inspired by her love of nature and history, and each piece feels very true to her inspiration – a classic, retro aesthetic in gorgeous floral prints and decadent velvet fabrics. They are the sort of pieces that would make any woman feel ultra girly and sweetly sexy, which are all good things in my books.

My favourites: Red Carmine Bralette, Watercolor Bra, Sleeping Beauty Floral Bra, Watercolor Highwaisted Panties, Pumpkin Spice Highwaisted Panties, Sleeping Beauty Hipster Panties, Doe Hipster Panties


Orla Kiely Fall 2014


As always, Orla Kiely has brought us an undeniably adorable vintage-inspired collection. While she never really steps outside the box in terms of designs, it’s a line you can always count on for decidedly retro pieces, covetable by every vintage-wearing gal out there. I think pretty well every piece I wouldn’t mind owning, but I’m quite enamored with the above look. The trousers and swing coat in a monochromatic dusty rose is just the sort of thing I would like to be wearing (i know, right? trousers!?) come the colder temperatures (i know, right? why are we talking about cold weather?!). The whole collection feels very 60s, with a little Cher Horwitz-90s sprinkled throughout. I would also like to mention how great the shoes are in this collection! I love the 40s/70s vibes they are giving off. T-straps will never get old in my eyes, but t-straps with a platform and a big sturdy heel, well by George, i think she’s got it! However, the most noteworthy part of this whole collection…the very best thing ever designed…the Bichon purse! BICHONS! C’mon! That purse was invented for me. That breed is one of the most under-appreciated breeds when it comes to novelty dog breed accessories, and near impossible to find. While the bichon they included in the lookbook is very cute – I think it may be a poodle/bichon mix though, and the final one is definitely a toy poodle – I think we could all agree Gus would have been a better choice. He just got groomed, so his head is even the shape of the purse right now. True rounded bichon head. Anyways, I-NEED-THAT-PURSE.

*you can view the whole presentation here.4913791012131617202324262728313233353637444850515456