A Year In The Life

OKAY ANDIE | A Year In The LifeHappy New Year M’Loves

I’m not really one for New Year’s resolutions, so you won’t be getting any lists like that here. But when a new year comes, how ever man made it is, you can’t really help but feel like it’s a fresh start, a marker of sorts, for acknowledging the past and looking to the future. This year for me has certainly been up and down, as all years are for everyone, really. I went through depression that felt like it would be the end of me. I had days of complete elation where I felt incredibly lucky to be alive. I learned from a dear friend that to be in a lasting relationship you must choose that person everyday and that sometimes is easy to forget. I met some of the most kind and beautiful people on this planet. I’ve learned new skills that I am proud to have and that I am much too hard on myself. I’ve had moments of feeling like the luckiest person in the world, surrounded by love and moments of hating myself so deeply I wasn’t sure if anyone in this world genuinely liked me. I’ve talked about my feelings and bottled them up. I’ve laid in bed all day watching netflix and got painfully sunburnt swimming in the warm and salty sea. I’ve yelled until it hurt. I’ve laughed until it hurt. I’ve lived the only way I know how. As I do, everyday, of every year.

There are big markers, good and bad, for every year. But years are also made up of small moments and details that weave in and out of the big ones that make up most of our lives. They say you can’t see the forest for the trees, but sometimes acknowledging those trees can help to see the forest for what it is. We are mean’t to do things with our life, but just existing and living is doing something too. It’s okay not to be the best or the worst and it’s okay to have no real plan at all. There is a system and societal structure to this life that can make us feel inadequate and exhausted, but realizing that a slow pace is still a pace, afterall, can be a relief like no other.

As always, thank you guys for being here. I didn’t post near as much as I did in previous years. I’ve written and deleted countless posts for the reason why, but in the end, it probably needs no explanation. I am here now, and that’s all that matters.

I love you all and you enrich my life by just stopping by here. I hope my words and images do the same for you.

pant suit: Zara via CS | Blouse: Anne Klein via CS | Jacket: Topshop | Socks c/o Tabbisocks | Shoes: Seychelles
OKAY ANDIE | A Year In The LifeOKAY ANDIE | A Year In The Life

photos by Zach


Marco Polo

DSC_0531I must admit, I am wholeheartedly excited about dressing for Fall right now. It’s really so fun to unearth pieces you have had hidden away in your closet for months (or buying new pieces, teehee). It has given me the breath of fresh air that I so desperately needed. Now, this pinafore, oh this pinafore! How do I love thee, let me count the ways. It has horses/polo players on it and is made from re-purposed vintage Ralph Lauren fabric. Cool right!? I wanted this pinafore from TLO when it came out last season, but someone snatched it up before me online. I’ll save the long story of how it came to be mine, but Casie, who was the original owner of this gem, gave it to me (we got to know eachother through instagram, and just so happen to both live in Toronto). The clothing gods shined down on me that day (or more like the angel Casie, thanks Casie! you doll!) I’m pretty excited to style this baby. I opted for a print on print look this time around. I swear to you, when people say you should buy basics to go with everything in your closet, ie. neutral colours, plain… they didn’t know what they were talking about. This thrifted Joe Fresh button up has been a god send to me, and a real wardrobe staple. It goes with so many things in my Fall/Winter wardrobe, it is silly. Anyways, this outfit feels like me. I love pattern mixing, which I barely did any of during the Summer, for whatever reason. I’m excited about this weather change right now…but I’m sure that feeling won’t last long.















DSC_0532Pinafore: The Loved One
Button-up: thirfted via Common Sort
Hat: borrowed from Meaghan
Purse: H&M
Shoes: Seychelles

In defense of selfies

DSC_2045There are several positive things about the first truly warm day of the season. One, pretty well everyone is in a good mood. Two, bare legs! Three, rediscovering clothes that have been hidden for months. Four, realizing the coat, cardigan and scarf you wore on the walk to get produce is actually making you sweat. Five, bare legs!!! I was in very bright spirits for taking outfit pictures this weekend, not realizing that a HUGE number of people were also in very bright spirits and out walking on the first truly warm day of the year. Which brings me to my negative… my frequented spots for photo taking, the ones that have been void of people for months, are now filled with people. This scenario poses a problem for those of us who take our own photos (I’m assuming I can’t be the only one who feels this way) I avoid choosing locations where I know a lot of people will be when I am taking my own photos with a self-timer and tripod. Having people watch me take photos of myself makes me feel self-conscious, and sort of vain, even though having a personal style blog does not normally make me feel vain in the slightest. Had I had a friend taking these photos, I would not have felt awkward and strange at all. Sometimes I focus too much on what others could be thinking. In reality, I have no idea what they are thinking. My assumption is that it is entirely negative, but if I passed by someone taking photos of themselves would my first thought be negative? Definitely not. But I am entirely biased since I do this weekly. Maybe if I had zero insight into the world of taking, well, pretty  much “selfies”, maybe my initial reaction would be different. However, I do not consider the photos I take “selfies”, and have a great disdain for the term. I dislike how that term has turned self-portraits into a negative, and we could deem anyone who takes photographs of themselves as self-obsessed. I enjoy playing around with my camera, choosing different outfits, locations, composition and movements to create a mood, and generally all I have is myself to work with. It’s more to me than simply showcasing myself, but with instagram and the internet, peoples view on the age-old style of photography has become very much skewed. Anyways, all in all, these photos are not what i wanted them to be. I let my mind get the best of me, and never really got into my normal groove.






DSC_2081Shirt: vintage dress worn as top via Common Sort
Skirt: Larkspur
Socks: Target
Shoes: Seychelles – no longer available, but can be found here
Coat: vintage via Gisela and Zoe vintage


Fashion shoots with Beck and Hanson, Courtney Love and Marilyn Manson


Over the weekend I learned Gertie has a thing for runners (the people, not shoes). By thing I mean she wants to chase them down. Like a moth to a flame, she notices their unusual pace and bolts for them. This was a bit of a shock for us since she is normally really good at responding to her name (as far as I can tell, but Gus is deaf, so I probably think any sort of reaction to name calls is truly amazing), and I had had her off leash before without any worry. Ha! She showed me! It did not matter how many times we called at the top of our lungs, she kept going. I honestly was so concerned we were going to lose her. But she eventually stopped for whatever reason, and I retrieved the little monster. In retrospect, it was a pretty hilarious scene to behold, Matt running ahead of me with Gus in his arms screaming Gertie’s name, and me trailing behind, running in heels yelling “Gertie! Fuck! Gertie!” and whatever other curse words came out of my mouth.

Other than my dog trying to escape me, the weekend was pretty lovely. Friday evening was my pal Nick’s birthday and Saturday evening was spent decorating Meaghan’s apartment for a little surprise party her boyfriend Nick (different Nick) had planned, and I helped execute. While Meaghan didn’t actually end up surprised because she saw the light go out through her window when she pulled into the parking lot, it still ended up being a really great evening. Just picture a New Radicals-Natalie Imbruglia-Prozzak-Meredith Brooks dance party, while the tenant below banged at us with a broom, and Meaghan stated that she may actually be attracted to the lead singer of New Radicals (bucket hat and all). That pretty much sums up the evening.













DSC_0011Blouse: H&M (im not sure of this)
Skirt: vintage
Jacket: vintage via Public Butter
Tights: Target
Shoes: Seychelles
Necklace: gift