In defense of selfies

DSC_2045There are several positive things about the first truly warm day of the season. One, pretty well everyone is in a good mood. Two, bare legs! Three, rediscovering clothes that have been hidden for months. Four, realizing the coat, cardigan and scarf you wore on the walk to get produce is actually making you sweat. Five, bare legs!!! I was in very bright spirits for taking outfit pictures this weekend, not realizing that a HUGE number of people were also in very bright spirits and out walking on the first truly warm day of the year. Which brings me to my negative… my frequented spots for photo taking, the ones that have been void of people for months, are now filled with people. This scenario poses a problem for those of us who take our own photos (I’m assuming I can’t be the only one who feels this way) I avoid choosing locations where I know a lot of people will be when I am taking my own photos with a self-timer and tripod. Having people watch me take photos of myself makes me feel self-conscious, and sort of vain, even though having a personal style blog does not normally make me feel vain in the slightest. Had I had a friend taking these photos, I would not have felt awkward and strange at all. Sometimes I focus too much on what others could be thinking. In reality, I have no idea what they are thinking. My assumption is that it is entirely negative, but if I passed by someone taking photos of themselves would my first thought be negative? Definitely not. But I am entirely biased since I do this weekly. Maybe if I had zero insight into the world of taking, well, pretty  much “selfies”, maybe my initial reaction would be different. However, I do not consider the photos I take “selfies”, and have a great disdain for the term. I dislike how that term has turned self-portraits into a negative, and we could deem anyone who takes photographs of themselves as self-obsessed. I enjoy playing around with my camera, choosing different outfits, locations, composition and movements to create a mood, and generally all I have is myself to work with. It’s more to me than simply showcasing myself, but with instagram and the internet, peoples view on the age-old style of photography has become very much skewed. Anyways, all in all, these photos are not what i wanted them to be. I let my mind get the best of me, and never really got into my normal groove.






DSC_2081Shirt: vintage dress worn as top via Common Sort
Skirt: Larkspur
Socks: Target
Shoes: Seychelles – no longer available, but can be found here
Coat: vintage via Gisela and Zoe vintage


7 thoughts on “In defense of selfies

  1. Indy says:

    I feel the same way! People just stare! I try to make sure I’m going to a less populated area to take my photos.

    Love your outfit! Your style is great. I’m glad I found your blog! 🙂


    • LarkspurShoppe says:

      I’m glad I am in good company when it comes to awkward encounters with staring passerbys!! Nothing makes me feel more uncomfortable. and thank you for the kind words! You’re too sweet!!


  2. Ron McQuade says:

    You look lovely, I love the skirt!

    I agree about photos, I try to find quiet places but I feel self conscious posing even with a friend (in busier places). I hate being watched but I remind myself that I’m never going to see these people ever again. I also have a story in the back of my head in case anyone asks what I’m doing (i.e. it’s a school project).


    • LarkspurShoppe says:

      thank you thank you thank you!!
      I try to remind myself of the same thing, but sometimes it’s so hard. I also come up with a story, mainly that I am a photography student or something (fortunately no one has inquired as to what I am doing so far) or I just fiddle with my camera pretending I’m photographing my surroundings until they are out of sight and then get in front of the camera. So silly really, but what can ya do!?


  3. Jessica says:

    I agree completely with this! I definitely get super self conscious when people see me photographing myself. Thankfully, I’m in NYC, so no one really gives a shit what you do. No one has ever commented or said anything to me, but in the photos I am visibly more awkward. I think there is definitely a difference between “selfies” and self portraits. Artists have been creating self portraits for centuries. I don’t think that making a duck face on instagram in a bathroom mirror is really the same as posing in front of a camera on a tripod after you set up your scene and carefully adjusted lighting. If Cindy Sherman can do it so can we, right!


  4. Berenice says:

    I love those two prints together!
    My sister and I never go out to take pictures much just because of the awkwardness. We stick mostly around our apartment and even then when a neighbor ventures out we pretend we are checking something on the camera.


    • LarkspurShoppe says:

      oh thank you!
      Ya, I do take a lot of my pictures indoors, depending on what sort of feel I’m going for. It’s definitely far easier, and with no interruptions. I sometimes wonder how much my neighbours do see haha. I probably look like a crazy person jumping in front and behind the camera all around my apartment.
      There have been times of great awkwardness outdoors with people watching, thats why I try to stick to a more secluded area, and if a few people go by every once in awhile, so be it. Like you said, I just pretend I’m checking the camera.


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