A clothes mind

DSC_2925I had quite a busy day yesterday. I was styling and modelling for an editorial (i’ll tell you more about that later) which kept me from updating the blog yesterday with my usual outfit post, but here I am today, so all is well. The weekend was busy and lovely and lazy all at once, which is just the way I like it. I took these images on a day that was confusing as ever – the weather could not decide what it wanted to be. One minute it was sunny, the next sprinkling light rain showers, back to sunny, and then eventually became a downpour and I had to cut my shoot short. However, it made for interesting lighting and clouds, so I’m okay with it. I kept my outfit simple this day. Sometimes it’s nice to just throw on a dress and go. I’ve had this one for ages, and what I love most about it is the shift shape, 3/4 length sleeves and high collar so I can wear collared shirts underneath. It almost seems like a new dress every time I wear a different collar with it, and makes me feel very 60s, which is probably my favourite era, next to Edwardian, of course.

I feel I have not written anything of much significance lately. I sometimes hate just talking about clothes and why I love them so much. It makes me feel a bit shallow and vapid, which I know is not the case…you can love clothes dearly and want to talk about that love on a regular basis, while also being an intelligent person. And truthfully, clothing and dressing myself does feel like art to me, which is the very reason I love it so much. But I think sometimes discussing why an article of clothing is good just takes away from it and dumbs it down to nothing. What clothes are to you is what you do with them – how it creates you, and makes you feel. I’d much rather have my clothing and style speak for itself than to explain in the simplest terms why I like something. But to each their own. I’m always happy to read blogs that do just that. It’s just a personal thing really. I guess It’s my introverted, introspective side that never really wants to speak or write unless I have something meaningful to say. I’m not saying i’ll never discuss the clothes I wear in this space. I’ll always give you a little bit of both. My thoughts and my style are obviously huge parts of me that go hand in hand, and I love to share those parts of me in whatever way I can.

I hope everyone who had a long weekend enjoyed it thoroughly. I’m sick in bed today in a tremendous amount of pain, but hopefully will be back to the grind tomorrow.






DSC_2946Dress & socks: H&M
Button up: thrifted vintage
Shoes: Seychelles

2013, It’s been swell

onetwothreefourfivesixseveneightnineteneleventwelvethirteenfourteenfifteensixteenseventeeneighteennineteenI can’t believe it has been just over one year since Meaghan and I dreamed up Larkspur. Obviously a lot has changed since that day, both for Larkspur, and for myself. I wanted to share a number of outfit posts I have done throughout this year, taken by Meaghan, Matt, and myself. It’s strange not only to see how my style has sort of evolved (but sort of stayed the same), but also the way I like to share the things I wear (also I really like to touch my head and face apparently). I felt pretty nostalgic looking back on these photographs, more so than I had expected. I have so many tangible memories because of this blog. I remember each of these moments…the weather, the people I was with, the way I felt. It’s beautiful really, to have something I can look back on and relive such wonderful moments. 2013 will always hold a dear place in my heart…afterall, I had such lovely people to share it with. However, I am looking forward to this new year. With a few life changes that have come my way, I really do feel like I am starting a new chapter in this silly life of mine. I’m hoping Larkspur will only continue to grow, I can continue to share parts of my life with you, and work towards my goal of having my own brick and mortar shop one day. So cheers my dear friends! Ever upward!

Fall Vibes

Blustery and Warm

Today I thought I’d share come Fall goodness I have been coveting. I may already own something similar to all these items, but these are vibes I’m feeling this Fall/Winter. There are definitely some things way out of my price range, but as far as I’m concerned I could find most (if not all) of them at a thrift store for about 1/4 the price. However, I NEED the Samantha Pleet X Wolverine Blixen boots. My heart has been yearning for them since last season, and I’m not sure I want to fight it any longer.

Whitehern House, Hamilton


I’ll take any chance I can get for trips outside the city. Since leaving Montreal and giving up my car, it isn’t as easy to run away on a whim for the day. This week though, Kira left me her car while she flew off to visit her fiance for ten days in Chicago, and I took full advantage of it. On Saturday, Alex and I drove out to Hamilton to do some thrifting for the shop (we’re really excited about our next few shop updates!), and while we were there we took the opportunity to check out Whitehern and take some pictures. There’s a place in Dundas (allegedly haunted) that we were hoping to get to, but the weather was spotty, and we were on a schedule, so we stayed close – maybe next time.

Whitehern was home to the McQuesten family, a fairly influential Victorian family in terms of industrial development in the area. There’s a great family history here, with links to all the children and what they did with their lives, as well as some pretty amazing bits of letters between the family members. My favourites are the ones from the Mother, who sounds like she was pretty sassy. The house itself is open for viewing, and from what I read, it still contains a lot of their original belongings. As usual, I went on a day when it was closed, so we weren’t able to get inside to visit, but it looks like it might be worth a tour.















Outfit Details 

On Alex

Yellow blouse: Larkspur Shoppe Summer Collection

Floral Skirt, Brown belt, Shoes & Purse: Thrifted

Bowtie: Handmade

Socks: Urban Outfitters

On Meaghan

Shorts &  Blouse: American Apparel

Tights: Target

Shoes: Bass

Belt & Sunglasses: Thrifted

Posted by Meaghan

Orla Kiely A/W 2013


It is no surprise that I am always pretty smitten with Orla Kiely’s collections. With a nod to decades past, it’s right up my alley. Her presentation for A/W 2013 collection could have been lifted straight from a scene of Mad Men. Watching the video made me wish I worked in an office in the 1960’s, full of beehives, cat-eye glasses, a-line silhouettes and plenty of pointed collars. This was one of those collections I had a hard time not including every look. With every scroll of the mouse my eyes would widen and I’d find my fingers saving every image. Like a kid in a candy shop. Or in my case, like Alex visiting a chocolatier.

This is another infinitely wearable collection, that if I had any money at all, I would like to own pretty well every piece (squirrel embroidery!!!). But alas my pockets do not runneth over.
















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