Boy Scouts

DSC_0087Finally sharing just a few images from our hike on our second day in Bruce Peninsula National Park. Since I had been here last Summer I knew I had to show Ryan all the amazing parts of the park. Number one on the list, The Grotto. Last summer we went during black fly season, so The Grotto was unbearable, but in late August, not a black fly to be found. This is a good thing because, well, no nasty black fly bites, but not so good because ALOT of people were around. I’ll talk more about The Grotto in another post though. All these images are from our hike up to it. If you have been following this blog for awhile, then you know how much I love hiking. Next to dancing, it is my happy place. That may sound odd, cause well, it’s just walking. But to me it’s far more than that. The harder the walk, the better. If I have to climb things, and figure out how to maneuver my body around obstacles and if there is an element of danger, well, that’s my jam. I have sort of talked before about having complete trust in my body and mind, and they often feel totally at one with eachother. And like I said in that post, I believe dancing has made me feel totally at ease with my body and it’s abilities. I just trust it, wholly. So, hiking till I die (hopefully not literally). And of course, I couldn’t leave home without my very Boy Scout-esque hiking uniform. It may make me nerdy to dress like this, and I do get the odd look here and there, but generally I am met with “oh, you look so cute!” and “i like your outfit.”. But if I had ever spent a minute of my life caring about what other people thought of me, well I would not dress or look or be the person I am today. Just bee yourself! (Aladdin, anyone?!)

*photos by Ryan










DSC_0160Button-up, shorts, boots, belt: thrifted
Bow tie: handmade
Backpack: TNA


Belle Vie / 19: Bruce Peninsula National Park

DSC_0001DSC_0007DSC_0011DSC_0017DSC_0027DSC_0032DSC_0038DSC_0042DSC_0046DSC_0053DSC_0064DSC_0067DSC_0070DSC_00721. As I mentioned, I went camping in Bruce Peninsula National Park last week. We stopped at Canadian Tire on the way up to grab some things and saw this sweet van. Old Yeller!
2. We brought an abundance of grapefruits to make juice and tasty bourbon drinks. We camp classy.
3. We might have finished this entire bottle of bourbon over the week…
4. Put up a hammock but something was weird about it. You’d sit in it and it would just sink on one side. We are not good at hammocks, apparently.
5. Thank god we brought an axe and hatchet with us to make kindling. Last time I went camping we forgot that, and it was a pain in the ass, let me tell you.
6. Ryan makes a good fire.
7. Ummm, ya Ryan brought a lot of cardboard shit to burn…including two Pizza Pizza boxes…
8. Receipts as well? Don’t ask, Ryan is weird.
9. But a good fire, none the less.
10. Proof that I can smile.
11. Ryan wanted to see if he could jump over our tent. I knew this would go down in one of two ways. One, he would make it over easily. Two, he would crush our tent right after we put it up. He made it over and was like really, really pleased with himself.
12. Lying in the hammock, looking up at the trees.
13. The road driving up to the park. There is something so calming about an open, quiet road. A rarity when you live in the city.
14. We stopped by the store on the second day to pick up some more ice for our cooler. This place had showers because there are none in the campgrounds. We didn’t shower, which I never do when I’m camping. teehee!

*I’ve got so much more to share with you. These were only from the first day and the next morning.