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OKAY ANDIE | It's MeOKAY ANDIE | It's MeHello, yes, i am still alive

Lately I have had the best intentions with this space, and the worst follow through. I’ve been taking pictures nearly every week of my outfits, but I never quite get around to writing up a blog post and I’ve certainly felt a lack in creativity when it comes to interesting content to share. I’m now working a job that is so similar to this (clothing, social media, blogging) that it kind of feels like it takes up all my creative energy. Maybe these are just excuses, but in a way I think I am just trying to figure out why something I so enjoyed doing before has now become an after thought. Most of my attention is paid to my instagram; it’s faster and it’s where I get most of my paid work…but time and money was never something this space was about. It still isn’t. But finding balance is difficult and so you have to choose what is most important and what needs your attention first.

I’m going to make a better effort because I think having an outlet for my own personal creativity, that is just for me and no one/nothing else is very important. My mood has been off lately and I imagine it has something to do with this.

I also want to thank you all for your lovely comments on my last post. I feel so lucky to have readers who share so much and so whole-heartedly. Even if I didn’t respond I want you to know I read them all (I always do) and they mean a lot to me.

Shirt: Madewell | vintage trousers via CS | Bag c/o Value Village | Shoes c/o Ouigal | Earrings c/o Wolf & Moon

5 thoughts on “It’s Me!

  1. hippylip says:

    Very cute outfit! I have the same problem, I take a ton of pictures and never do anything with them. I decided that as soon as I finish editing the pictures, I will either blog or post on social media. I’m wasting so much time getting the perfect shot for nothing. Lol


  2. Sora says:

    I’m glad to hear from your again!

    I know that Instagram feeling… I get lots more interaction in there than on my blog. I think it’s mostly because it’s more comfortable for people to just browse and comment IG reather than enter a blog? Not sure x.x


  3. rae tashman (@lovefromberlin) says:

    Hey lovely, it’s Rae from Boss Babes. This blouse is so amazing I love it on you. And I know what you mean! When you are doing so many different things, certain things do tend to take a backseat sometimes. It is often the same for me too that we take so many shots of an outfit but I feel funny posting ALL of them on insta because it would just be too repetitive! But I guess that is what is great about having a blog – maybe just do a round up of outfits on the blog with several photos of each look? Then your lovely photos won’t go to waste!

    Rae | LFB Blogzine


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