Red Valentino A/W ’12

Okay, so I’m pretty much obsessed with everything about this collection. Red Valentino‘s A/W ’12 collection is a compilation of everything I love when it comes to styling, colors/fabrics, femininity and vintage-looking clothing. The light/deep rose, cream and off-white fabrics call to me. I know I had previously said I’m not usually a fan of big labels, but I can make an exception for something so perfect. It’s filled with cute collars, pretty ruffles, lace trim, drop-waist minis paired with knee high socks and the military style cape! The collection features 2 pairs of trousers, which, if I wore pants more often, those would be it. It almost speaks to my fashion aesthetic…skirts/dresses everyday and pants once in a blue moon. The calf-length dresses with long sleeves and high neck lines have an amish-feel to them, which I don’t have a problem with at all.  I don’t, however, much like the shoes. That is okay though, the good out-weighs the bad.

Posted by: Alex


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