Etsy How-to: Packaging

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One of the greatest parts about running an Etsy shop is sending an item off to its new owner. As a buyer, ordering an item online is always fun because, no matter what, it always feels like a gift when it arrives. We’ve always loved it when Etsy sellers throw in little surprises to make opening a package that much more exciting, so, we knew we wanted to package our items with special care so our buyers have something fun to open when their item arrives!

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We wanted our packaging to reflect the aesthetic of our shop, which is fairly old-time-y. We both like old photos a lot, and we thought adding some buttons and tying it all together with some yarn would keep with the theme of antique-y looking gift wrap. The fun thing about it is that you can sort of personalize the wrapping for each item you send out! Whenever we’re out thrifting, we tend to keep our eyes open for things like old maps, old photos, old buttons, or even old newspaper. All of those things can be really nice accents, and then your basic packing supplies really don’t need to be very fancy, some tissue paper, or brown paper, will do the trick just fine.

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In the end, we hope that our buyers will be excited to receive their new item, and that the little extra surprises will put a smile on their faces when they receive their purchase.


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posted by Meaghan & Alex

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