City of Craft


This weekend was insanely busy for both Alex and I, but we knew we needed to make time to squeeze in at least one of the million craft fairs going on in Toronto this weekend. We wandered over to City of Craft Sunday afternoon, and it didn’t disappoint. I’m always amazed by craft fair vendors, who travel with all of their merchandise, and set up the most beautiful tables and still manage to look perfectly put together and not frazzled in the least. Having a few friends who have had tables at fairs like this one before, I’m fully aware of how much preparation is involved, and everyone does such an amazing job!

We didn’t get to spend nearly as much time browsing as I would have liked, but we did run into my friend Yana from Montreal who is the genius behind Supayana. She designed a collection of baby clothes not too long ago (as well as an amazing collaboration with Olivia Mew!), and if I had even one friend with a baby girl, you can bet those cosmic kitten baby leggings would have been in my bag in no time.

Being at things like this always gets me feeling like I need to do way more crafty projects, so, hopefully the motivation sticks and I can come up with some exciting new DIY posts!

For a list of vendors who were selling at City of Craft, click here.





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