Dufferin Grove


This weekend was quiet (like every other weekend since Toronto froze over). We met our friend Lindsay for Ethiopian food and pitchers of beer on Saturday evening, and then all started dozing off watching the Hunger Games at Alex’s.

Today was for house work and dog walking, and a little bit of red wine before bed.

We did manage to fit some thrifting into the mix, and found some items we’re pretty excited to list in the coming weeks (including a few Spring things!). While we were out, we figured we’d take some photos for the blog, since it’s hard to be motivated to get out of the house once we’re warm and cozy. So, we stopped at Dufferin Grove, a park right by where each of us used to live before we lived in Parkdale. It’s a lot nicer when there isn’t construction all around….you’ll have to excuse the beautiful neon orange cones and fences …

We hope you had a lovely weekend!










Outfit Details:

On Alex:

Coat: Thrifted H&M

Tights: Urban Outfitters

Vintage Blouse & Purse

Boots: ASOS

Belt & Skirt: Thrifted


On Meaghan:

Dress & Belt: Primark

Tights & Cardigan: H&M

Dear Creatures coat : Modcloth

Boots: Urban Outfitters

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