Confezioni Crosby A/W’12 Lookbook


I know Confezioni Crosby’s A/W Lookbook has been circling the internet for quite sometime now (it’s not even 2012 anymore!!!) and spring collections are the new, but I have been in love with this lookbook for awhile and thought I’d share, or I guess re-share if you have already seen it. And after all, it is still very much winter here in Toronto, so I feel this still applies to me, at least.

I’m really into the styling in this lookbook. It appeals to my sensibilities right now. For awhile I was dressing pretty simple, not much pattern, clean looking outfits, in cream, white, navy, grey, brown and blacks. But recently I’ve felt a desire to dress a little more experimental – mixing colors I may not normally. I may not ever master the art of mixing patterns, but its something I do wish to try. I’m feeling inspired right now, and this lookbook definitely excites me. I could pretty much see myself wearing any one of these outfits in their entirety. Okay, maybe not the purple tights, I don’t think I will ever like purple.











Posted by Alex

2 thoughts on “Confezioni Crosby A/W’12 Lookbook

  1. allie says:

    My favorite is the third one down. With the plaid shirt and the patterned tights and that cool faux-fur vest!
    I’d never think of mixing those items, but they look wicked together!


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