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February might not seem so awfully dreary to me if every weekend were as lovely as this past one. Friday night Kira and I had plans to go to the launch party for Go Home Print’s second issue (which a couple of Kira‘s photos are in!!!), but Kira came down with the same awful flu I am just getting over, so we both ended up staying in. I finished reading Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road” Friday afternoon, and was pretty curious to see the movie, so, I settled onto my couch with a bucket of spicy cayenne pepper popcorn and a beer and watched it and wept for a couple of hours.

The rest of the weekend was spent reading, dog walking, shopping, brunching, eating pho, going to birthday parties and watching my friend’ parents perform musical revues in beautiful old churches!

Tonight, a few of us watched the Oscars at Kira’s house and vowed to be more organized and throw a real Oscar party next year. Now it’s nearly 1am and I should put my computer away and let the sound of raccoons screaming outside my bedroom window lull me to sleep. I hope you all had lovely weekends too.

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Outfit Details: 

Jacket & Collared shirt: Primark (UK)

Sweater Philistine

Jeans & Boots: Urban Outfitters

Toque & Bag: thrifted

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