It’s Me!

OKAY ANDIE | It's MeOKAY ANDIE | It's MeHello, yes, i am still alive

Lately I have had the best intentions with this space, and the worst follow through. I’ve been taking pictures nearly every week of my outfits, but I never quite get around to writing up a blog post and I’ve certainly felt a lack in creativity when it comes to interesting content to share. I’m now working a job that is so similar to this (clothing, social media, blogging) that it kind of feels like it takes up all my creative energy. Maybe these are just excuses, but in a way I think I am just trying to figure out why something I so enjoyed doing before has now become an after thought. Most of my attention is paid to my instagram; it’s faster and it’s where I get most of my paid work…but time and money was never something this space was about. It still isn’t. But finding balance is difficult and so you have to choose what is most important and what needs your attention first. Continue reading


All Things

OKAY ANDIE | All ThingsOKAY ANDIE | All Thingscome full circle

I really don’t wear skirts and dresses as much as I used to. I have become a full fledged pants and trouser lover which is something I thought I would never say again. I have this theory, I guess you could call it,  that we always revert back to our former selves when it comes to fashion and aesthetics, like a circle of style, if you will. That something you once loved as a kid will be something you begin to love again one day. As a young child I really loved skirts, dresses, all things feminine and the colour pink (I named all of my stuffed animals “Pinky”…), as I got a bit older I shed those things for tomboy looks and then black eventually became my colour of choice in my teens (goth lyyyyyfe). If you know anything about me from visiting this space over the last several years, my girlish self was in full force – cutesy looks, the colour pink, again, as my favourite. But within this year I’ve become more accustomed to masculine looks and styles, the less frilly, and clearly I am no enemy to black. I guess it’s not so far off from styles of decades past recycling themselves in current fashion trends. There are little cycles within littles cycles, within littler cycles going on all the time in life, and that goes beyond fashion and exist witinh ethics and even societal issues. “History repeats itself” has always felt like one of the truest statements, to me. I have always wondered why that is. Does nostalgia drive us more than we think it does? I often feel nostalgic for times I didn’t even exist in, which seems absolutely absurd, but it’s a feeling I know doesn’t just exist for me. Who knows why these things happen, who knows why I have what seems like two different people that exist inside me, one trumping the other at certain times in my life. It’s something I have come to learn and love about myself, though, and it’s something that has become of great interest to me.

Do you guys notice these things about yourself as well? It’s a topic I’ve never really discussed with anyone. Let me know in the comments below.

Jacket: Ruby Leather via CS | Dress: Vintage | Shirt & Bag: Zara | Shoes: Dr. Martens
OKAY ANDIE | All ThingsOKAY ANDIE | All ThingsOKAY ANDIE | All ThingsOKAY ANDIE | All ThingsOKAY ANDIE | All ThingsOKAY ANDIE | All ThingsOKAY ANDIE | All Things

Denim Decked

Larkspur Vintage | Denim DeckedLarkspur Vintage | Denim DeckedLarkspur Vintage | Denim DeckedHead to toe

The weather has been kind of coocoo lately; warm Spring like temps followed by freezing cold winds with snow. It’s kind of hard to get dressed when the weather changes drastically one day to the next, but denim overalls are pretty much a guarantee for any weather…well except for insufferably hot Summer days (they don’t breathe very well, tbh). These bbs are a Coachella x H&M collaboration that I came across and instantly fell for when Zach and I were doing some shopping for a job he (and by default, we) is (are) working on. I wouldn’t say I’ve been searching for a pair of denim overalls because that would be a lie, but I definitely knew they were something I was interested in. It was one of those, ahhh yes, I want a pair of those for sure, yes, mhm. moments (that’s not even a universally understood moment, I’m sure) but this particular pair called to me because it’s form fitted and flared and indigo denim and denim from H&M, which is my favourite my favourite denim (how many times can I say denim?), fyi.


I’ve slowly been adding pieces to my closet that I’m really into which has been making me feel a whole lot better about this style indecisiveness I’ve been going through. You can be sure I count these overalls as a very welcome addition to my closet.

What new pieces have you added to your closet lately? Any? None?  What have you been searching for?


Overalls: H&M | Shirt & Coat: Common Sort | Boots: Wolverine x Samantha Pleet
Larkspur Vintage | Denim DeckedLarkspur Vintage | Denim DeckedLarkspur Vintage | Denim DeckedLarkspur Vintage | Denim DeckedLarkspur Vintage | Denim DeckedLarkspur Vintage | Denim DeckedLarkspur Vintage | Denim Decked

Happy V-Day, Cuties

Larkspur Vintage | Happy V-Day, CutiesLarkspur Vintage | Happy V-Day, CutiesI HEART YOU ❤

Happy Valentine’s Day bbs! I know a lot of people have mixed feelings about ol’ V-Day; I don’t much care for it myself, really – it’s a bit cheese, isn’t it? But! I love a good themed post (which I guess is a bit cheese, in and of itself), so here we are, all decked out in love, so to speak. I hope you all have a love-filled day – whatever that means to you, in whatever way that is. I’ll be spending the day with my two dudes. Probably playing video games, maybe going to see a movie, definitely eating something tasty.

Take care cuties! And know, I am always grateful and thankful for you guys, everyday. Love love love to you all, 365 days a year ❤
Larkspur Vintage | Happy V-Day, CutiesLarkspur Vintage | Happy V-Day, CutiesBlouse: thrifted | Bow tie: handmade | Sunglasses: Public Butter | Lipstick: Lady Danger by MAC

In Real Life

Larkspur Vintage | In Real LifeThis girl. This hilarious and wonderful person was visiting me this past weekend from MTL and to put it simply, it was the best. Living hours away from your best friend sucks, and being an introvert who has a hard time finding people I feel a real connection to makes it suck even more. But oh well, I could dwell on the fact that I only get a handful of times a year to spend with Kristen, or I can be happy that even after all these years of living in different cities, our friendship is still so fluid and easy when we are together. I’m lucky. I recall those exact words coming to mind this past weekend. Surrounded by friends new and old and feeling so lucky to have such amazing and hilarious people surrounding me.

Aside from the mushy love I have for my friends, I’ve been making lists and plans for this space. I want to do better. It’s been – for lack of a better word – lazy around here. That’s not to say I haven’t had ideas bursting, but I’ve been spending a lot of real life time with a real life person that makes me real life happy, which is great, but it’s time to find a balance. So, with that being said, I know what I have in mind for this space, but this is also about you of course, so I would love to hear what you’d like to see more of.