Sunnyside Beach


This post will seem repetitive to anyone who followed me here from my old blog, but I’m in bed sick again – this time, with some sort of bad reaction to a plate of spaghetti (February has not been kind to me)- and I can’t come up with much of anything new worth posting about.

When my Grandmother used to tell me about when she moved to Toronto in the 1940’s – to be with my Grandfather – she would go on an on about how on Sunday afternoons, they would go to Sunnyside for fun. From what I knew of the beach, there isn’t much to see – so I got to looking up how it was back then. It turns out Sunnyside was Toronto’s own Coney Island, until they came through and built the Gardiner, rendering the West part of the city boring, and driving all of the rich families to move East.

Parkdale is not without it’s charm today, and we are lucky enough to have the Ex come to our part of town every year – as well as some other festivals – but it does look like it was a whole lot of fun, doesn’t it?








I stole these photos from BlogTO who do a much more eloquent job of describing the changes made to the pavillion than my sick brain can right now. So, I’ll leave you with the photos.




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2 thoughts on “Sunnyside Beach

  1. Rhiannon says:

    Hope you’re feeling better! Seriously, Feb. was the worst for sicknesses. Drew and I got two colds in 3 weeks. !?

    I love these photos though. Why were beach resorts so much more fun looking in the old days? All the pavilions and creepy amusement parks and good bathing suits.


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