Balmy Beach


First thing Saturday morning, my friend, Danielle and I adventured out to the opposite end of the city to walk Lola along the beaches in the East end. It was the first warm weekend of the season, and everyone was out with their dogs and bikes. One of those days where you’d have to try extra hard to be in anything but a great mood. We wandered around for the better part of the day, just being glad not to be shivering and cold for once, before heading back to Parkdale for a celebratory taco night, at Grand Electric, for Kira, who just got engaged!

Sunday, I finally got Frankie back (she had to be spayed and have surgery for a hernia!) from the vet, and we (my two dogs and I) finished season 2 of Homeland, which made sleep nearly impossible.

Back to work today – Alex’s big show is coming up, so soon we’ll have posts together again! In the mean time I’ll be catching up on reading and baking and sleeping!







(We thought we’d stumbled across some really creepy old prison building, but it turned out just to be a water purification centre)






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