Monday has a feel…Tuesday doesn’t have a feel


Don’t let this blogpost fool you, our weekend in Toronto was actually hail storms, winter coats and staying indoors. We took these pictures last weekend when Kira’s fiance, Dave was in town, and the weather was still wonderful and Summery! I can’t complain though, Alex and I faked Spring by making a really delicious sangria on Saturday night and staying in her apartment watching stupid internet videos and talking non sense. Otherwise, it was a quiet couple of days, mostly, I just skyped with my Mom for Mother’s day and went on a solo adventure to Ikea.  My new items will be delivered this evening, so Kira’s coming over to get a little bit tipsy with me and attempt assembly…

We’ll be extra busy this week getting all our stock ready for the  Spring Vintage Market in Montreal next weekend. As a reminder, the shop will be closed starting this Friday, and will re-open on Tuesday, so if there are items you’ve had your eye on, now’s the time!






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