L’Ecole Des Femmes – Normandie

F1000009 (1)

I only very recently came across L’Ecole Des Femmes. I had been browsing lookbooks trying to get a feel for Larkspur’s upcoming Summer one, and I was pleasantly surprised when I found these images. I can confidently say, almost all their lookbooks are captivating. They have a knack for picking the right photographer, location and models, mashing all those things together and creating images that are utterly breathtaking. This particular one was shot by David Shama in Paris and Normandy (actually click the link, he’s amazing!!!). Model, Adeline Jouan could have one of my favourite faces. I have a soft spot for any girl with a gap tooth and a face that is stunning without copious amounts of make-up (curse you!). Jessica Pare, meet your blonde doppelganger and my new girl crush.

Even if naughty professor and school girl attire is not your cup of tea, I highly suggest checking out L’Ecole Des Femmes. If only for the decades past vibes and some artistic inspiration vibes.

F1050029-2 (1)


F1000036 (1)



F1030012 (1)

F1040025-2 (1)

F1040036 (1)



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