Fortnight Lingerie


Disclaimer: I’ve totally posted about Fortnight before, but I realized the other day that it was to my old blog, and I felt like it was strange that it deserved a Larkspur post, since Alex and I both love this brand, and it’s Toronto based! 

Fortnight is a longtime favorite of mine  – I discovered them when I was shopping at The Future of Frances Watson a couple of years ago, before I even lived in Parkdale, or knew how much I would love it someday. The fact that they are a Toronto based company makes the label that much closer to my heart. This is not actually their most recent collection (you can check it out here, though!), but I love this lookbook because they named all the pieces after some of my favourite songs. And without being creepy, this model is one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever even seen!

For a list of retailers, check out their website!







Posted by Meaghan

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