Phoenicia, NY


I recently got back from a week of eating delicious food, hiking to secret swimming holes, trekking around a chasm, lounging by a (gorgeous) pool and drinking beers with my best friend of fifteen years. It was hands down the best vacation I’ve taken in years.

We heard about the Graham & Co through Design Sponge, and I have endless good things to say about the place. The rooms are adorable, the staff is so friendly, the pool is amazing! …they project movies onto a sheet outside at night (which is awesome, even if Stef and I were both hoping for Jurassic Park, and instead it was Willy Wonka…) and have campfires for everyone, there are hiking trails right nearby, and the town of Phoenicia is quintessential small town America. We ate at the Phoenicia diner every single day, and drank beers in the garage area, and had the best time just laughing at old inside jokes and posting ridiculous videos to the internet.

I was sad to leave the Catskills, but when we got to Montreal we barbecued with our friends, and went for breakfast, and got celebratory 15 year anniversary friendship tattoos. I got to meet my cousins brand new baby, and hang out with my parents and sister a little. And when I got back to Toronto, I went to Kira’s going away party and helped her move all her things to Hamilton. All together, it was the best week ever.

Today, it’s back to reality for me –  I have a million e-mails to catch up on, but I’m kind of excited to get back to eating healthy, and going to yoga and pilates and walking my dogs every day.

 I ended my vacation on the best note last night, lighting fireworks on the beach in Toronto to celebrate Canada Day with a bunch of my favourite people. So I can’t complain 🙂






















4 thoughts on “Phoenicia, NY

  1. Arden Wray says:

    Ate at Phoenicia Diner yesterday! You ladies should hit me up next time you venture down here – I spend a good chunk of my time around the area. Looks like a fun trip!


  2. Jill J says:

    Next time you are in Phoenicia you should go to Mama’s Boy! It’s a little cafe right around the corner from Graham & Co. They have the best coffee and desserts!!


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