Small Town Neighbours


Although I don’t think I could ever live in a very small town/village, I am quite fond of visiting them! It’s lovely to see places that maintain their history (America is so good at this) and are filled with small town charm that just doesn’t exist in a metropolitan city.  I am intrigued by the idea of living in a big old house, in a very small town, with a population just under 2,000, but that’s me romanticizing things. The truth of it is, I would become stir crazy, maybe even bat-shit. Heck, I even become crazy living here in the big city, although that probably surprises no one. The subway at rush hour…that is all I have to say.

These are just a few snaps from Watkins Glen, and Montour Falls, NY. This was directly after a torrential downpour while we were laying on the beach, and taking a dip in the surprisingly warm water. We hid under a tree for a bit, trying to wait it out, but realized the rain wasn’t going to let us enjoy our beach day. We hopped in the car, drove around, and were pleased when the rain ceased and allowed us to take in some scenic surroundings of these neighbor villages.








Dress: vintage via Common Sort
Shoes: Seychelles


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