New Threads at Larkspur

eu91. 1960’s Tartan Wool Skort (S/M)

Okay, so I kind of lied last shop update when I said that was it for my Summer-ish items. While thrifting in NY State I happened upon far too many delightful items that I just couldn’t pass up, regardless of the changing season. And you know, sometimes I feel there are many pieces that transition nicely into many seasons (even if it’s robin egg blue!) Styling is the key. Anyways! I’ve got a bit of both this shop update. The Fall skirts are ever so lovely. I’m sure they would love to find a new home. Although I’m happy to keep them company in the mean time. Pop by the shop to check these new babies out!

PS – I apologize for the horrid lighting in most of these photos. I use natural light, and a lovely thunderstorm rolled in in the midst of photo taking. So thank you, mother nature.

eu22. 1950’s Robin Egg Blue Cropped Shirt (S)eu183. 1970’s Novelty Print Collared Maxi Dress (S)eu204. 1970’s Paisley Pastel Ascot Blouse (M)eu55. 1950’s Robin Egg Blue High Waisted Bloomers/Shorts (S)eu246. 1970’s High Waisted Tartan Maxi Skirt (S/M)

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