The Forest at Midnight


I used to live in a house with my best friend Kristen, and her then boyfriend, Dan, who quickly became a best friend to me as well. They had found this board game called Nightmare, which was accompanied by a very lovely video tape of a man, “The Gatekeeper”, who would yell at you every so often, and you would have to respond to him by saying “Yes, my Gatekeeper”. This was pretty well the ideal board game for people like us. It had just the right amount of ridiculous hilarity, while also being kind of a good idea for a game.  We would turn off all the lights and create a sort of seance vibe, if you will. Anyways! At the beginning of the game, you are to write down your biggest fear on a dry-erase piece of cardboard, only for it to be revealed at the end. When you have second hand board games, sometimes you find little gems, bits of the previous person left behind with the game. This particular person had left their biggest fear un-erased, it read “the forest at midnight”. This quickly became a joke for pretty well anything to be afraid of. A sort of mad lib, ______ at midnight. Why this fear was so funny to us, I’m not sure. I mean, its a pretty basic fear. Like ya, the forest at midnight is kind of scary. But how often are you in the forest at midnight. You could potentially live your entire life, never being in the forest at midnight. You couldn’t have thought of anything scarier than that!? Then again, it was probably a 10 yr old that wrote that down, and we are just jerks.

This little shoot I did with Matt when we were camping reminded me of Nightmare, a fond memory of mine, that only really means something to the people involved. It’s clearly not at midnight (more like 10am), but well whatever, I mean, I’m not going to go into the forest at midnight…







pent23Blouse: borrowed from Meg, and I forget what brand.
Skirt: Larkspur

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