Niagara On The Lake


Matt and I spent Thanksgiving at his grand parents home in Niagara on the Lake. Niagara played a central role in the War of 1812, so it goes without saying this town is rich with history. The main strip has many buildings that date back to the late 1700’s and early 1800’s, and although the buildings have been restored, they maintain their history with great pride.

Matt and I did a little walking around by the water, down to the fort, and back to the main strip before dinner. I had never been before, so Matt gave me a nice tour of all the local haunts he and his family frequent when they visit. We stuffed ourselves full of cookies and sweets right before dinner, so you can imagine my stomach was in an uncomfortable almost-barf mode after dinner. But you cannot complain when you are surrounded by family, new traditions and delicious meals.

During our walk to the fort, we happened upon an abandoned house, which is a bloggers gold mine(why is that?!). I decided I would share those photos separately, maybe even tomorrow, so keep an eye out.

I hope everyone is having a lovely Thanksgiving with family and friends. I am away from mine this time around, which is a bit of a sore spot. My grandparents just sold their home, and this will be the last holiday my family will spend there. I feel I am missing out in a big way, but work always makes it difficult for me to make it back to Ottawa for every holiday. However, Matt’s family always welcomes me with open arms, which I am truly grateful for.















Blouse: thrifted Joe Fresh
Skirt: vintage via Common Sort
Purse: vintage via Public Butter
Shoes: Seychelles
Socks: UO

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