No Trespassing


Matt and I happened upon an abandoned house on our way to the fort in Niagara on The Lake. Matt was concerned for my safety the whole time, thinking the porch would collapse whilst I was prancing along it. I am less nervous about these things. Maybe that makes me naive. But for whatever reason, probably being a dancer, I have complete trust in my own body. I’m not really afraid to do many things. I’ll happily hop a tall fence without second guessing myself. I’m not afraid to have someone throw me over their head while trying a new lift in rehearsals. I just trust my own body, and it’s ability to sense when something is not right (thus avoid it) and when something will be totally okay. As of yet, I haven’t had anything horrible happen. Never broken a bone…maybe a few pulls here and there (am i jinxing myself?). But my body has remained fairly intact over the years. That’s not to say I don’t occasionally roll over my own feet when walking in heels, or everyone’s favorite tripping up the stairs (oh god, hopefully no one witnessed that!) I’m not clumsy-free, but if dance has brought me anything over the years, it’s self-assurance, and an awareness of my own body, outside of myself (ie, not kicking someone in the face while dancing). So rickety porch, I will chance falling through you, my curiosity cannot be helped when it comes to forgotten spaces, even if it’s a potential death trap.













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