Baby Steps


Today really feels like the first day I am on the mend — I go back to work tomorrow, and hopefully all other things in life will become some form of normal soon. There are so many things I could list that are terrible about tonsillectomies, or any surgery for that matter. Most people complain about the pain (ya, its awful!!), but the one that really got me most was how I felt emotionally. It is the necessities in life, the simple things you need and do each day (ie, sleep, eat), that if they are taken from you, can turn you into an irritable, terrible, sad mess. Needless to say, I haven’t been very pleasant to be around.

Today I braved the winter winds to take a walk outdoors because I haven’t actually stepped outside in over one week. It felt nice to breathe fresh air for more than 5 minutes, and also have some time to myself somewhere outside of my home. My face looks a little silly in these photos — it became really cold while I was shooting these, and I’m probably not totally back to normal just yet. But hey, we’ll take what we can get for now…baby steps.







Coat: Toronto Vintage Clothing Show
Blouse & Skirt: vintage via Public Butter
Hat: vintage via Common Sort
Tights: old pair of ballet tights
Boots: Wolverine x Samantha Pleet


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