The Punny Oscars

_DSC8844Meaghan, Danielle and I seem to have a thing for hosting parties. We’ll take any excuse we can to get dressed up, be surrounded by good pals, eat tasty food and have a couple glasses of wine and beer (mostly beer…usually more than a couple). We had a little party at Christmas which I never ended up sharing for whatever reason. I was recently looking back at photos from it, and it really is a shame I didn’t, but it feels a little out of season to post those photos now. Oh well! I was a bit better this time around. Meaghan & Nick had a bunch of the pals over to their place to watch the Oscars, and contribute to our table of punny-snacks. Meaghan loves puns…she’s kind of the queen of puns, so a table full of Oscar-punned snacks was right up her alley. She came up with the names, and we chose the snack we wanted to make. I made brussel sprouts for “American Brussel” and veggie dogs for “Dallas (oscar) Meyer’s Club”. And yes, you do see a bowl full of glow sticks titled “Twelve Years a Rave” – that would be the genius idea of Nick. We were very pleased when Twelve Years a Slave won Best Picture so we had good reason to crack those glowing babies.

*all photos of me & pals taken by Nick Ball and food photos by me.












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