Larkspur Babes / 01

I’m so excited to share this new project! I’ll be releasing monthly photo stories shot by me (on film only), of my beautiful friends wearing all Larkspur garb. Unfortunately I never released a winter lookbook this year. I had every intention to do so, but I was unable to meet up with the photographer I was so looking forward to working with (we live so far from eachother. wahhhhh!) So it just never happened. I do plan to continue with Spring/Summer – Fall/Winter lookbooks in which I will model and have an actual photographer do their magic, but for the time being I’d love to share the faces of my beautiful friends, work on my own photographic skills, and style these beauties with items from my wee shop. So, without further ado, the first of my Larkspur Babes, (a gal we are all too familiar with now) Meaghan Kelly.

*all items are now for sale in the shop, with the exception of the lace bra, high waisted shorts, fascinator and ballet slippers (and dog)000031000029000027000032000036000042000044000039000038000070000061000051000059000056000066000069000058000049Photography & Styling: Alexandra Spence (yours truly)
Model & Home: Meaghan Kelly
Clothing: Larkspur Shoppe

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