She’s A Brick House

DSC_1504Toronto has many scenic and historic locations across the city, and I’ve made a point (and effort) to visit most of them at some time or other. There was one spot on my list (and also Meaghan’s list) that I had yet to check out. The Evergreen Brick Works is hard to get to by public transit, which is probably why out of my 7 years of living here I had never seen it. Located in the Don River Valley, it was a former quarry and industrial site that has now become a community environmental centre, holding events like garden markets/workshops and community festivals. Saturday afternoon proved to be unseasonably (actually quite seasonably…it’s March right?!) warm, so Meaghan and I ventured out of our homes – before the temperature dropped again – to check it out. Once we got there, we realized what a great spot it is for dog owners and dog pals alike. There are some beautiful hiking trails that would very much please our small furry babies (once the snow has left us). Meaghan brought her two weiners, but I left my lil babes at home since they are so easy to shiver outside in the cold for too long (such fragile souls).

I have now, once again, retreated to hibernation. The temperature did drop considerable, like we expected, on Saturday evening and everything is frozen again. This feels like the never-ending winter. I’m over my winter coats and I’m over IT! Hope you all had a lovely (and warmer) weekend!

*photos by Meaghan








DSC_1511 Coat: vintage via Toronto Vintage Clothing Show
Shirt: thrifted vintage
Skirt: Jcrew thrifted
Cardigan & gloves: vintage
Hat: vintage via Common Sort
Scarf: hand me down from Kira
Tights: old pair of ballet tights
Shoes: H&M


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