Belle Vie / 04 (and behind the scenes)

DSC_1959DSC_1964DSC_1968DSC_1982DSC_1984DSC_2002DSC_2007DSC_2008DSC_20121. Meg and I took the dogs to run by the water – my poor little guys have been cooped up for months because of the long and endless winter. I don’t think they even know what to do with themselves outdoors anymore
2. I love living a close walk to the water – when I had quit my job a few years back and was unemployed for 1 month I started my mornings sitting on the rocks by the water, in the east end, sipping a coffee and enjoying the silence
3-7. A little behind the scenes of my April Larkspur Babes lookbook I shot at the Scarborough Bluffs this past weekend – i will be sharing the lookbook tomorrow, and have everything available in the shop on Friday

*all behind the scenes photos by Meaghan

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