Elizabeth Suzann Spring 2014

Spring_Digital_Final_1_1I love love love Elizabeth Suzann’s Spring 2014 lookbook. While I know it was shot in St. Augustine, FL. it gives me serious European vibes. I don’t know why, I have never even been to Europe, so the only thing I can go off is movies I’ve seen (Before trilogy anyone?), but it seems very relaxed and beautiful in that sense. The pieces are not really a style you can find me wearing, but that doesn’t mean I don’t wholly appreciate her designs, and quite often find myself awing over women who pull off this style with ease. Don’t get me wrong though, if someone were to hand me a bunch of her garments, they would be dear friends of mine while lazing at home, long days at the beach and sipping a cup of coffee on a porch over looking the ocean (getting a little carried away now…). I am particularly smitten with the linen long sleeve midi dress, and could think of a dozen ways I could style it to suit my more is more frame of mind.

Photography: Anna Tucker
Styling: Rhiannon Leifheit
Model: Madison Bosworth



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