TBC Flea

DSC_2256This past weekend I had the pleasure of taking part in my friend Amanda’s first flea market at her vegan bakery, Through Being Cool. This flea was particularly  more fun than previous fleas because it was filled with pals (yay pals!!!) I was vending along side Brendan who run’s the ever popular Explorer’s Press, flowers and garden designs by Lucy of Perrin and Rose, housewares and quirky knick knacks by Addy, art by Matt Darling, and zines by Permanent Sleep Press and Blood of the Young (i’m sure im missing a few people here, and i’m sorry!) It was so great to see the support that Amanda and all the vendors (myself included) received. It’s those types of days that I need to remind myself to step back for a second and really acknowledge how lucky I am, and how truly wonderful human beings can be. I feel so lucky to be surrounded by like-minded individuals who are all working so hard, and so creatively in life.

I didn’t end up taking that many pictures, but I do hope to go by the bakery on a regular ol’ day so I can share her delightful (entirely vegan) baked treats with you all, because Amanda bakes the best goodies! Vegan maple bacon donuts?! I mean, c’mon guys!!!












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