Belle Vie / 06

DSC_2611DSC_2609DSC_2564DSC_2561DSC_2560DSC_2592DSC_2602DSC_2614I didnt take my camera out much last week, so all these photos were shot at Wards Island (the residential part of Toronto Island) last Sunday while I was styling a photoshoot (which I will be telling you more about tomorrow). I had never really explored this part of the island, so it was really cool to see the homes and people who live here. The neat thing about living on the island is that it feels so far removed from the city. If I could not see the cityscape from across the water I would have thought I was in a small cottage town. The houses are colorful, charming and no two the same. It’s really just a picturesque place to live. I think the people who live here have the right idea – removed from the fast city pace, but a close ferry ride to all the excitement (and grocery stores).

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