Constant Resurrections / Gerald Larocque

Gerald-Larocque6Had I never started this blog or selling vintage clothing, I probably would have never met Gerald Larocque, which would have been a crying shame because it’s not often you get to meet and befriend such a brilliant person. I’ve now worked on three shoots (two in one day!) with him, which I feel lucky even saying. Gerald’s photography is mostly focused around a conceptualized, surrealistic nature, in conjunction with fashion, leaving you with photographs that make you wonder “How?!” But it doesn’t end there, his editorial work holds feelings of romance and dreamy imagery that he captures on both analog and digital. His process is one I very much admire. I think one of the beautiful things about his work is that he can visualize a concept and bring it to life in what I can only assume is exactly how he saw it in his head. This is no easy feat. It’s been quite interesting for me to be a part of someone’s artistic vision, and help turn it into something tangible. This particular series, ‘Constant Resurrections’, is one of my favourites. It’s eerie in just the right way, thought provoking, and visually stunning.

If you’d like to see more of Gerald’s work, you can find it here.
And you can follow him on twitter, instagram and FB


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