Belle Vie / 14

DSC_4057DSC_4126DSC_3901DSC_4107DSC_4131DSC_4139DSC_4127DSC_41211. I was trying to take some silly photos for my birthday when Ryan walked in the door with some gifts for me and then decided he wanted to be in front of the camera. I let him be a weirdo for a moment, and then joined him. It would be nice to have more photos together I think.
2. I love love love the outdoors and I love being near water, but I’m actually pretty terrified of swimming in lakes/oceans. I don’t like the idea of not knowing what’s beneath my feet. It always takes a bit of self-encouragement before I get into water with lil’ fishes in it.
3. Ryan and our friend Oskar got really into soccer during the World Cup. They’d watch a game and then head to a soccer field to kick the ball around for a few hours.
4. Before sitting on the beach for the day on Saturday, we strolled around the paths on Ward’s Island, checking out the houses and wishing we lived in them. We found this one home with a giant boat hanging in a tree.
5. Jiggly Balls! I don’t know if that’s an actual name, or if Ryan made it up, but Ryan filled 3 balloons with sand at the beach and started to juggle and then tried to teach me. I don’t think I will ever get the hang of juggling.
6. We turned the Jiggly Balls into smiling fish, or smiling tadpoles, or smiling sperms (inappropriate)?
7. Boats!
8. He’s just like really handsome, and he shaved his head!

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