Cotton Candy Confections

DSC_4652So it seems we are going back in time a bit with this post. I realized I never got around to posting it, or rather I was planning on posting it before I left on my trip, but just didn’t have the time. These are from a couple weekends back when Meaghan and I went to the CNE to eat tastiness, ride some rides, and well, that’s pretty much it. This summer has really flown by. Meg and I hadn’t really done anything just the two of us in ages. It was a much, much needed date, and I loved every minute of it. I’m used to going to the CNE annually with Kristen and a bunch of pals, but Kristen didn’t make it down, and most of those pals don’t live in Toronto anymore, so it’s an inevitable end to that era.  But to be honest, as years go by, the CNE seems less and less appealing to me – the crowds, the money, the rides I have rode 100 times before – maybe I’m just getting old. I’ll probably continue to go as long as I live in Toronto, but I sort of like to make it an in and out type situation – hit up the rides I like, eat the food that will make me feel sick, and then run for my life.

I wore my most carnival themed attire though, so that was fun. This dress reminds me of cotton candy, with it’s bright blue, and the sweetest paisley in light pink, gold and white (although it’s hard to see the pink, but I assure you it is there). It only made sense that I would devour a shared bag of cotton candy with Meaghan and snap some silly photos of me. Oh man, there are some very hilarious outtakes of me shoving cotton candy in my mouth, it’s not easy to look cute while eating, at least not for me.

I hope your final day of the long weekend is a nice one. It’s a little gloomy here today, but sometimes I like that because it forces me to stay in and get some work done, or like, watch Netflix while I stroke Gus’s ears, cause they are fucking soft, guys.

*photos by Meaghan










DSC_4655 Dress: H&M
Tote: Parkdale Flea
Socks: Target
Shoes: thrifted vintage


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