Belle Vie / 23

DSC_0934DSC_0935DSC_0945DSC_0950DSC_09291. Above where Ryan and I rest our heads.
2. Some of our plant babies. My jade and cactus are not doing too well right now, there just is not enough sunlight in our apartment. But Ryan is such a good plant papa, I’m not too worried about it.
3. On Tuesday, Meaghan and I went to the Canadian Whisky Cocktail Competition at The Drake to support our friend Lindsay who was a finalist in the competition. The Drake is a rather famous hotel/restaurant/bar in Toronto. But it’s the sort of place I avoid most of the time…If you live in Toronto, you understand. I normally only head there for fun events…Oscar viewing party, watching the gold medal game for hockey in the Olympics…that sort of thing. And now a cocktail competition. It was so much fun, and I now have a much greater appreciation for bartender’s craft.
4. Lindsay doing her thing! It was so neat to watch her craft her drink – she put a lot of work into her cocktail. I’m just sad that I didn’t end up getting to try it. Meg and I got to try most drinks because we stationed ourselves right at the front of the bar, but her drink didn’t end up getting passed in our direction.
5. The cloud baby. So thankful for this guy each and every day.

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