Belle Vie / 26

DSC_1155DSC_1164DSC_1167DSC_1152DSC_11501. It was Meaghan’s birthday last week – I got her these adorable vintage cocktail glasses from BYOB. They had such an amazing collection of vintage glasswares and bar tools – I’m talking pink everything. I’ll have to go back and treat myself to a few cute things at some point.
2-3. On Saturday Meaghan had some pals over to her new place to celebrate her birthday. Our super talented bartender pal Lindsay made us gin cocktails with rosemary infused simple syrup. So good! I sort of regretted how many I treated myself to that evening the following day.
4. Gus loves to sit directly on my lap any time I am trying to work on my laptop and then tries to lick my hands while I’m typing. If you are not constantly giving him attention, he will make sure that you do.
5. The little polar bear, Gus.


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