Larkspur Got a Facelift

BEFORElarkspur revised 1by: Olivia Mew

AFTERlarkspurlogoeditby: Annya Karina

If you’re on this site, then you’ve already noticed that Larkspur got a bit of a facelift yesterday (unless this is your first time on the blog…then I’m telling you now, it got a face lift). Above you can see the old logo, and below is my new logo and header (obviously). As much as I loved my old one by super talented, Olivia Mew (thank you again x 1 million Olivia), it just didn’t feel like me anymore and didn’t really suit what this space has become. I wanted something that felt more girly (and pink), and well, that made sense with the name Larskpur…say, like a larkspur flower. I commissioned my friend Annya, amazing illustrator and designer of all things adorable, to make this idea in my little ol’ head a reality. It’s better than I could have ever imagined and when she sent me the final I was exploding with excitement. What do you guys think? I think it’s pretty darn perfect.


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